Pay in advance for a loan? Better not!


They need money and maybe even urgently. They search online for a quick loan and will – apparently – find it. But now caution is announced: Will the provider help you free of charge? Do you get your loan offer and your loan contract without pre-payment? Only then is it a serious offer. However, if you want to pay in advance, you face an expensive cost trap.

The methods and the details change from time to time, but the scam of the credit scroungers always remains the same: they raise high hopes for credit seekers and sometimes make completely unrealistic promises. And they give the impression that the customer only has to pay a few hundred euros quickly to get his credit.

Above all, two ways to get your money, use dubious providers especially like:

1. Advance invoice by mail or post

You will receive an invoice in which allegedly chargeable services such as credit brokerage, quotation etc. are charged. This is where three-digit euro amounts come together.

Our tip: If you have not signed anything and have not explicitly agreed to any form of payment, then you do not need to pay anything. So do not contradict the bill and do not transfer the required amount.

2. Shipping of documents by cash on delivery

You will receive the information by e-mail that the loan documents are on your way. Through clever formulations, the rip-offs give the impression that you practically only need to retrieve your money. But who then pays up to 300 euros cash on delivery, receives only largely worthless paper with a lot of hot air.

Many of these business models are highly doubtful, some certainly illegal. But the website operators usually hide behind anonymous mailbox companies and are therefore difficult to prosecute. Also, the recovery of the already paid money promises hardly any success against this background.

Therefore, the most important advice to every loan seeker is: Never pay in advance, either by invoice or cash on delivery. You must ALWAYS receive your offer and your loan documents free of charge.