5 gourmet Italian restaurants to check out in Phuket


Phuket is home to tons of fine dining restaurants, and here are the best Italians to try next time you visit.

Italian cuisine is adored by guests all over the world, and rightly so. Consequently, Phuket is also home to countless Italian restaurants. The next time you’re on the island, whether through the Phuket Sandbox program or otherwise, these Italian restaurants should be considered when planning your dinner.

[Hero and featured image credit: Acqua Restaurant]

Acqua restaurant

Photo credit: Restaurant Acqua

When thinking of Italian fine dining in Phuket, Acqua Restaurant is probably the first name that comes to mind. This award-winning restaurant under the direction of the well-known chef Alessandro Frau is the epitome of Italian gourmet cuisine. At Acqua, Sardinian-inspired Italian cuisine meets modern cooking techniques and art presentations. Restaurateurs can indulge themselves with first-class dishes in a beautiful, modern black and white area.

For more information, visit the Acqua Restaurant website.

La Gritta

la gritta phuket
Photo credit: La Gritta

If you’re interested in breathtaking ocean views, next time you’re on the island, consider La Gritta for an exquisite Italian gourmet experience. Aside from spectacular views and elegant interiors, La Gritta has classic creations from Chef Patrizia, including Spaghetti Del Leone Allo Scoglio, Frutti Di Mare and Spigola Al Forno. Enjoy the taste of Italy on the beautiful shores of Patong Bay.

For more information, visit La Grittas website.

Red sauce

red sauce phuket
Image Credit: Red Sauce

Named after one of the most important sauces in Italian cuisine, Rosewood Phuket Red Sauce is at the center of traditional and classic Italian flavors. The Michelin Guide Phuket awarded restaurant has an open kitchen and an outdoor seating area, where guests can sunbathe against the backdrop of Emerald Bay and enjoy the delicious dishes prepared by Chef Guiseppe Bonura.

For more information, visit Rosewood Phukets website.

Vero Trattoria & Wine Bar

Vero Trattoria Restaurant Phuket
Photo credit: Vero Trattoria & Wine Bar

Modern style meets award-winning cuisine at the Vero Trattoria & Wine Bar on Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach. In this classic and at the same time modern trattoria, guests can embark on a culinary journey through various Italian provinces with the specialties of the restaurant. Some highlight dishes that you absolutely have to try are the lamb ragout pasta, the Mediterranean-style sea bass and the white porchetta pizza.

For more information, visit the Vero Trattoria & Wine Bar website.


Arva Amanpuri Phuket
Photo credit: Amanpuri

At Arva, connoisseurs can be sure to discover timeless Italian recipes in their purest form. From fresh seafood to free-range chicken to organic fruit and vegetables – all ingredients are paired with skill and sensitivity and result in a seasonal and sustainable must-try menu. All in all, Amanpuri’s gourmet Italian restaurant pays homage to the conviviality and warmth of classic Italian cuisine in one of the island’s most famous resorts.

For more information, visit Amanpuris website.

La Gaetana

Image source: @ through.sam.eyes / Instagram

While not exactly an Italian fine dining restaurant, La Gaetana should still be on your list of Italian restaurants in Phuket. A popular destination for locals and foodie insiders, this charming restaurant serves classic dishes with a southern influence, and has been for over 21 years. Well-known favorites are the baked portobello mushroom in gorgonzola sauce, seafood fettuccine, rocket salad with sausage and parmesan in balsamic vinegar and more.

For more information, visit La Gaetanas website.

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