5 reasons why online casino should be allowed in Thailand


Almost all gambling and online casinos are illegal in Thailand. Thai law says nothing about internet gambling or casinos; However, online casinos and gambling are classified as under the general category of gambling in Thailand.

Although gambling is illegal in Thailand, it is still big business. Most of the major online casino sites offer different types of games such as baccarat (https://sexybaccarat.com/), Poker, Roulette and Slot (https://www.sexycasino.com/). They also accept customers from Thailand, whereby customers can deposit and withdraw in Thai Baht. Despite government efforts to close these sites down, people can still access the sites.

The reasons why online casinos should be allowed in Thailand.

1. To protect online casino customers

According to a study by the Thai Center for Gambling Studies and the Center for Social and Business Development, 57% of the adult population in Thailand participated in gambling activities in the past year. The gambling market in Thailand is growing rapidly as people also participate heavily in the national lottery. In online gambling, soccer betting is the most popular form of online gambling that Thais participate in. Just search for บา คา ร่า (https://sexybaccarat.com/) or สล็อต (https://www.s8casino.com/), and you will find various websites where you can register and play.

With the legalization of online gambling and casinos in Thailand, the government would be able to protect customers from fraud and unfair gaming that could be taken over by the websites. The operators would have to be more careful when carrying out the operation and not change the games in favor of the operators.

2. Online gambling can be heavily regulated

When talking about online gambling, people don’t really think about how it is regulated. The industry is relatively young and its popularity has led legislators to ponder how to regulate it. Some countries rely on outdated laws like Thailand. However, the regulatory landscape of online gambling has improved.

Millions of people around the world deposit their money on gambling sites, but not many people know much about the people behind these sites. This is where regulation has to come into play. People should know who they are depositing their money to and whether they are dealing with reputable organizations. The current regulations aim to ensure that gambling sites are operated lawfully and ethically and that players are treated safely and fairly.

If Thailand puts strict regulations in place, they could regulate and be in control of online casino operators to prevent money laundering and control how these websites advertise to customers.

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3. The RNG system helps authorities ensure that the game is fair

To start with the RNG system is a mathematical system that is responsible for the appearance of a number, symbol, slot, or even card in place of another when you play online casino games. It is known that online casinos are safer than traditional casinos.

This is because online casinos are regulated and controlled by international gambling commissions. Plus, it’s completely safe as the end result of the games depends on the random number generator. You have to ask yourself if there really is a coincidence in the system and yes there is. All games in the best online casinos are implemented through software that generates random numbers.

Many people believe that programmers could forge and tamper with the software to ensure the outcome of the game that will benefit the casino. In fact, the commission laws ensure that these casino sites make good use of the random number mechanism. The algorithms are carefully analyzed and run through a series of tests that neither the software development company nor the casino operator are licensed to operate.

This means that the games cannot be changed or influenced in favor of the casinos.

4. Additional source of income for the land

Legalizing online gambling can benefit the government in the sense that it can collect taxes and royalties for running websites in the country. The casino tax is known to be the cash cow for any government in the world. Casino tourism can help the country generate more income and increase diversity. Gambling destinations are attractive to high rollers around the world. These are the people who end up pumping a lot of money into the local economy.

5. Prevent and encourage responsible gambling addiction

Indeed, there is no doubt that gambling has addiction problems. Would the addiction go away if the online casino were made illegal? The answer is highly unlikely.

With examples similar to drugs; It is obvious that the law does not get in the way of the user and vice versa. However, at least with regulated marketing, funds will be available to help people who need help with addictions. Often times, when it’s illegal, you find that addicted people cannot get the support they need.

With a system in a regulated market, there are systems that help players restrict their play. For example, in the UK there is the option of self-exclusion where you give up gambling for six months. It is ideal for players who fear that they will be spending too much time or money gambling and need to take a break.

Once you have agreed to the self-exclusion agreement, your account will be closed and the outstanding money will be refunded to you. Thailand could adopt this concept which will help with addiction in legalizing the online casino.

So what can be done for Thailand? It is obvious that online gambling benefits the economy, but the addiction is getting nowhere. Although Thailand has not yet legalized online gambling, some measures need to be taken to protect people who might enter dangerous territory. Right now people are in the unregulated area and they might face problems and have no support.

Without regulation, players are at high risk of fraud and the Thai economy cannot benefit from the huge financial rewards. And believe it or not, casinos and gambling will go on with or without regulation. It is best to find the safest route for those who are in it.

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