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Thailand is a fantastic place to visit and see wonderful sites and temples. But if you are in the Kingdom, don’t forget to visit Red Lotus Lake when touring Thailand. This article covers almost everything you might need for your tour to Red Lotus Lake.

You don’t want to miss the sweet rush of the water as the boat glides through the watery sleeping area; You don’t want to miss the gentle, cold breeze on your face. A million red flowers on the surface of the water are hard to forget when the sun’s rays sparkle on the lake water.

Visit the Red Lotus Sea in Thailand and let your eyes taste the optical delicacy of a million lotus flowers blooming on the surface of the Red Lotus Lake. ‘Talay Bua Daeng‘or Red Lotus Sea, is not an ocean, but a hidden lake in the quiet district in northeastern Udon Thani Province.

The lake attracts tourists from all over the world for a mesmerizing display of its elegance, while in the cool season of Thailand it adorns itself in a watery robe made from a million pink lilies.

No red lotuses!

Not as the name suggests, no lotuses grow in The Red Lotus Lake. Instead, the flowers are pink tropical water lilies. But the flowers are similar in appearance to the lotus. The leaves of the lilies float on the water, while the flowers bloom about 15 cm above the water surface and create a dreamy sight for the viewer.

The legend of the Red Lotus Lake

The colloquial folklore of northeast Thailand about the Red Lotus Lake is of great curiosity. One story revolves around the tragic love triangle of a princess and two of her suitors. The fantasy-epic story contains elements of love, rejection, mythical kingdoms and reincarnations.

One of the stories describes a war between one of the princess’s suitors and an army of Nagas. The prince / suitor tries to avenge the death of his beloved princes when the mythical Nagas streamed into the battlefield and created what is now the Red Lotus Lake.

Although there are different versions of the story, the romantic epic certainly arouses more fascination with tourists and makes the lake a perfect place for tourism.

Best travel time for the Red Lotus Lake?

The main attraction of Talay Bua Daeng are the lilies. So the best time to visit Red Lotus Lake is when they bloom. You can visit the lake from late November or early December to late February. Morning is the best time to visit the lake as the lilies bloom early (6am to 11am). They start to close when the sun comes out.

How do you visit the Red Lotus Lake?

Nong Han Lake Kumphawapi or Red Lotus Lake is located in the southeast of the city of Udon Thani and is about 40 km from the city. You can take the boats from the northern part of the lake.

It’s time consuming, but you can use local public transport from Udon Thani town to get to the lake. However, if you use public transport, you will have to change vehicles several times. If you want straight travel, you should resort to other methods.

It is best to rent a taxi or a bike. The hotels in Udon Thani organize a visit to Red Lotus Lake. So staying in Udon Thani is a good idea to make simple preparations for your trip.

Rent a taxi

You can hire taxis from Udon Thani to Red Lotus Lake. It’s probably the most convenient option. The average price most taxis charge is 1500 baht. However, you can reduce this price if you bargain well.

Rent a taxi or a bike

If you want to travel on your own, renting a bike or car is great. Cars and bicycles are easily available from both the airport and the city. Your travel insurance needs to cover you when renting a bike. For cars you need an international driver’s license.

Boat rental on the lake

The glamor of the pink lilies cannot be enjoyed from the lakeshore. To do this, you have to take a boat and go inward, away from the coast. There are many boats that you can rent. The cost depends on the type and length of the boat you are renting.

The shorter journeys typically take around 60 minutes, while the longer journeys take 90 minutes. It is best to take the longer route as the place of visual splendor is 15-20 minutes from the shore. A 60-minute drive will shorten your stay in the dreamy kingdom of Red Lotus Lake.

Tickets for the boat

You need to queue at the ticket office to get the boat tickets. The ticket office staff will give you your boat number and instruct you to wait until they call your boat number. You may have a little language difficulty as most of the passengers on the boat are Thai. But the lake staff will surely help you.

Price of the boat ticket

There are bigger boats and smaller ones. The larger boats can accommodate up to eight people and the smaller two people without the person driving the boat. For short trips of 60 minutes the boats charge 300 baht and for longer trips 500 baht. You have to pay the price for the whole boat; However, you can split the price between passengers.


The end of the year is cold and this is the best time to visit Red Lotus Lake in Thailand. Bring extra clothing as the cold season can bother you a little. There aren’t enough food stalls on the shore, so bringing some snacks with you is helpful.

Don’t forget your camera as the enchanting beauty of the lake is a great place to take photos and take some memories home with you. When you are ready to travel, please share your experience at Red Lotus Lake.

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