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Ashley Oosthuizen. Photo: Carte Blanche screenshot

A month ago Ashley Oosthuizen from George, South Africa turned 23 years old…. celebrated her birthday in a Thai prison for the second straight year, for a crime she allegedly had nothing to do with. According to people who worked with her, she was sentenced to life in prison after being forced to sign her name on a delivery package that did not belong to her. Carte Blanche will find out more this Sunday.

Presenter Masa Kekana says: “Ashley Oosthuizen’s story is a reminder of the other side of the fairy tale of moving abroad for a gap year or more. It brings great adventure, experience and exposure to the world. But spontaneous decisions made during this time can affect you for the rest of your life.”

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Love and Lock Up

Ashley Oosthuizen was a 21 year old on the adventure of a lifetime. Tristan Nettles was the self-proclaimed female drug dealer who shaped it on the dark web in Thailand – a country notoriously tough on drug smuggling. Her toxic love affair exposed young Ashley to a police raid when she was caught in possession of a drug package addressed to Tristan’s business partner.

In a very lengthy online confession released Feb. 15, Nettles said Ashley was innocent of a “crime I and others committed.” He urged the world to share her story so she can be freed before an unfortunate “accident” happens to her while in Thai custody.

Nettles admits, “I myself am a former international drug trafficker and medical student with a long criminal record dating back to an assault involving a deadly weapons charge, which I received back when I was just 11 years old.”

He says Ashley was 19 when he met her at a Halloween party on Koh Samui. He was 32 (and claims to have bedded over 200 women). She was a kindergarten teacher and he was a high school teacher at a leading international school. He says he made most of his money selling drugs to expats, but never told Ashley what he was doing.

“I never told a nineteen-year-old girl what I was doing. I’ve never spoken to Ashley about my business affairs…Ashley has only asked me about drugs twice, and both times I’ve told her not to worry about it and that it’s none of her business.”

When Ashley couldn’t find work because she didn’t have a four-year degree, she became the manager of Nettle’s new restaurant, Hot in the Biscuit. While Nettles was in the US visiting family (now based in Ukraine), he sent a package to his business partner Dave through the cookie shop. He claims police were tipped off by a disgruntled former classmate that the cookie shop was being used to smuggle drugs.

Nettles says the store was busy the day its 250g pack of mdma arrived and Ashley was set up. She recognized Dave’s name on the package, and since the delivery man was adamant, she signed it – she did. She didn’t open the box and went back to work. The police arrived ten minutes later, Nettles says.

Nettles and others online point fingers at corrupt officials and cover-ups; They claim that Ashley’s first attorney made mistakes and that her family didn’t do enough. But regardless of what’s true or not, there’s a 23-year-old, once-vibrant, blonde South African — whose friends have posted photos and tributes to the most caring, honest, and wonderful friend anyone could ask for — whose future is the future can depend on their story that catches the world’s attention.

“Ashley’s only crime was being my girlfriend. The rest is all my fault and the fault of others who continue to try to bury the truth,” Nettles said. Her home was searched and no drugs were found. Nettles says she was forced to sign a document written in Thai, which turned out to be a guilty plea.

Ashely now faces at least another agonizing 48 birthdays in Thailand’s notorious prison system. As Oosthuizen’s lawyers file a motion for apology from His Majesty King Rama X, Carte Blanche asks Nettles if he has any remorse. And will he hand himself over to the international drug trafficking authorities? (Producer: Tarryn Crossman | Presenter: Masa Kekana)

The Facebook page ‘A voice for Ashley Oosthuizen’ says the royal pardon ‘could also last for years, so keep sharing her story and give her a voice! 🙏”

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