Chalong couple charged with beating 3-year-old to death

PHUKET: A Chalong couple have been charged with repeatedly hitting a 3-year-old girl, who died as a result of her injuries.

Lt-Gen Amphon Buarabporn, commander of Region 8 Police at the north end of the island, announced the news at a press conference today (June 8) attended by Phuket Province Police Commander Maj Gen Sermphan Sirikong and Chalong Police Chief, Colonel Ekarat, Plaidueng attended.

Police became aware of the child’s brutal treatment when Chalong Hospital notified Lt. Col. Somkiat Sarasit, deputy chief investigator of Chalong Police, at 5:00 pm on Sunday (June 5) that a young child had died in the hospital. said Lieutenant General Amphon.

Officers arrived at the hospital and found the girl dead in the emergency room

The girl’s father, Wanwichai Thienhom, told police that she vomited and tensed before taking the girl to the hospital.

However, the young girl had bruises all over her body, as well as on her left cheek and forehead.

Doctors who later performed a post-mortem at Vachira Phuket Hospital in Phuket Town counted 23 separate bruises – all believed to have been caused by a blunt instrument and all believed to have been inflicted in the past six weeks.

The cause of death was abdominal bleeding from multiple bruises in the intestine.

“There is evidence from the investigation and collection of evidence in the case that corroborates those who assaulted the victim,” Major General Amphon said.

Wanwichai and the girl’s stepmother, Wanwilai Samnieng, 28, have both been charged with the girl’s death, in accordance with an arrest warrant issued by Phuket Provincial Court yesterday (June 7), Major General Amphon confirmed.

Further details of the couple’s arrest were not given.

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