Diver drowns while spearfishing on Layi Beach


PHUKET: A local diver drowned spearfishing on Layi Beach in Kamala last Friday (October 29).

Lt. Col. Suchart Meelampong of the Kamala Police was informed of the incident at Layi Beach yesterday (October 29) at an undisclosed time. The report was about a man who drowned while hunting underwater on Layi Beach.

After an hour of searching, the diver’s body – Karun Somsa, 59 years old, was washed ashore and taken to Patong Hospital to determine the exact cause of death.

Kriengsak Boonlang, a lifeguard with the Kamala Subdistrict Administration Organization (OrBorTor), said the report initially concerned a missing person.

Arriving at the scene of the crime, Mr. Kriengsak found Mr. Karun’s wife sitting on the beach exactly where her husband last went into the water. The woman said that her spouse loved underwater hunting and had already caught an octopus that day. Mr. Karun then went for more catch but did not come back. After waiting an hour, the woman raised the alarm.

When Mr Kriengsak arrived on the beach, the search for the missing person was already underway. Half an hour later, the local lifeguard, Chakturong Chaipong, found a buoy, believed to indicate where the missing man was hunting, and a harpoon. But Mr. Karun was nowhere near.

Mr. Chakturong continued to search on his jet ski until he received a report from local villagers who helped locate the body that the waves washed ashore. Mr. Karun had his wet suit, mask and fins with him – but no other equipment.

Based on his experience as a lifeguard, Mr. Chakturong suspected that after encountering any difficulty in getting rid of his equipment, Mr. Karun tied the buoy and tried to swim to the shore, but failed.

It remains to be determined what went so tragically wrong in Mr. Karun’s underwater hunt.

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