dtac launches three 5G IoT solutions to transform industry and revitalize Thailand’s economy

At the Thailand 5G Summit 2022, dtac business will present 5G IoT solutions for 3 core markets:

1. Smart factory solutions: These will digitally transform factories and traditional or analogue manufacturing processes with the support of big data. dtac solution developers can assess existing systems and develop digitization plans with IoT capabilities to collect, analyze and monitor data in real-time and remotely improve efficiency, reduce operational costs and adapt to future digital platforms.

2. Smart logistics solutions: These will transform warehousing and transportation, with IoT and smart sensors enabling precise, real-time monitoring of goods in transit, allowing businesses to track progress and improve security. Relevant data such as humidity and temperature can also be monitored remotely in real time to ensure the quality of perishable goods.

3. Smart Utilities Solutions: These offer efficient, timely 5G-based processes for both water and energy management. Smart Water Management can remotely measure the pH and chemical residue levels in the wastewater, as well as the water level in the wastewater pond in an industrial area. The Smart Water Meter Reader enables the online entry and processing of measured values. For industries and factories, 5G Smart Energy Management enables significantly more efficient and reliable energy management, especially in conjunction with Smart Main Distribution Board (MDB). This can also prevent, mitigate and minimize power disruptions such as power outages, blackouts, surges or overloads.

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