Edom Art Emporium reopens as a ‘cultural arena’ | Art and culture

The Edom Art Emporium will reopen on April 11 with an array of quality art and live music. Owners J. Howard, Kerian Massey and Sharon “Blu” Walker are redesigning the gallery as an “arena for culture” showcasing their own work alongside creations by 15 other artists.

Texas artist J. Howard is recognized by institutions around the world for her uniqueness and enduring appeal. A talented graphic muralist, Massey has created murals across the state. Her work is characterized by three-dimensional visual elements.

Walker’s eclectic mix of song and verse complements the gallery’s visual art. Their music showcases an original American roots sound, with new works drawing on classic country and 70’s folk influences.

The gallery also showcases the region’s finest visual artists, passionate about their style and medium. Artists include Nancy Beauchamp, Martha Boles, Gayle Bone, Debbi Elmer, Mary Geisler, Phyllis Gunderson, Dennis Howard, Stacey Watkins Martin, Jan Holloway, Terri Jordan, Joy Pfefferkorn, Mike Tate and Leslie Jo Wheaton.

Massey describes the co-owners’ goals for the gallery.

“In a market dominated by wild personalities and free spirits, the owners firmly believe that the Edom Art Emporium stands out from the crowd,” says Massey. “By bringing together live original music under the artist’s umbrella, Edom Art Emporium brings something that is long overdue in Edom.”

The co-owners want their gallery to become a driving force in the visual and performing arts movement. By working together, they have defined a set of criteria to ensure genuine loyalty to artists, commitment to mutual success, sound ethics, genuine accessibility to the public, services to collectors and more.

Edom Art Emporium is located at 8281 FM 279 in Edom, Texas. For more information, visit www.edomarttemporium.com.

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