Experienced developers get bigger and better

City dwellers are now looking for spacious villas that offer unparalleled luxury as global tourism slowly comes to life and Thailand’s border gradually opens up. Phuket, an island with the most luxurious and beautiful villas in Thailand, draws a lot of attention. Let’s talk about the new project from Trichada, one of Phuket’s most experienced developers. Trichada Breeze. Just three weeks after the brand new project soft launch, half the units (9 out of 18) have been sold out. But why are the villas selling like hotcakes?

Trichada’s resounding success

Trichada is a proven developer with more than 20 years of development experience. Three projects with a total of 75 outstanding villas launched consecutively are sold out, completed and occupied by satisfied residents. Trichada recently launched their brand new, even better project – Trichada Breeze. Trichada Breeze has everything its triumphant predecessors have and more!

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Bigger and Better

According to FazWaz Insights, 3-4 bedroom villas will become a favorite among potential buyers in 2022. The surge in interest is due to the rise of multi-generational living and the search for work from home. So Trichada delivers exactly what buyers are looking for in its next big project: Trichada Breeze, which is better and bigger.

Trichada Breeze has two units: 11 Type A villas (575-678 sqm) and 7 Type B villas (346-448 sqm). The smallest Type A and Type B units per in Trichada Breeze are larger than the largest units in all previous projects. As such, the units generally have larger lot sizes for the bedrooms, social areas, covered outdoor seating, carport and swimming pool. The new project also maintains the same immaculate tropical Thai style feel and look as the previous villas. In addition, it also has beautiful and ultra-modern built-in furniture. More units on top of the 18 units are coming soon in Phase 2 as well, so stay tuned!

Experienced Developer Gets Bigger and Better |  News from Thaiger

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Very desirable location.

Trichada Breeze is set in the same areas as them previous projects. It is located at Soi Pasak 13 in Cherngtalay on the west coast of Phuket, a desirable area. In fact, 22.25% of potential property buyers inquired about Cherngtalay, beating out inquiries about other popular Phuket locations such as Rawai or Patong, according to FazWaz Insights. So why is Cherntalay getting all the attention? It is within easy reach of beaches and recreational amenities such as world-class restaurants, a golf course and an activity-packed water and recreation park. The villas are also only 20 minutes drive from the airport and 10 minutes drive from the well-known UWC International School.

Exponential project growth

Trichada is suitable not only for vacation and residence purposes, but also an excellent option for those who want to invest. In addition to following a secure existing ownership structure, the value of the project has shown exponential growth due to its location and development in the surrounding areas. The units sold in the previous projects have increased in value by over 50% in just six years, making Trichada Breeze a viable investment option.

Given Trichada Breeze’s prime location, lot size and exponential growth prospects, it’s no wonder eager buyers have already got their hands on half the villas. Not to mention, especially in the first three weeks of the soft launch. So don’t miss Trichada’s best project yet!

For more information on Trichada Breeze click on HERE.

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