Friday Newspaper Summary: Selfridges, Energy Prices, Treasury

The Selfridges family owners have already jointly owned large department stores in Italy in a deal that includes the return of former luxury department store manager Vittorio Radice to a Thai retailer and Austrian real estate company valued at an estimated 4 billion euros , Germany and Denmark via a division of Radice that left Selfridges in 2002, a year before the Canadian Weston family bought it for £ 628 million. – Guardian

The energy bosses are putting pressure on ministers to protect consumers from rising gas and electricity bills and are calling on the government to put in place a multi-billion dollar program to spread the cost across households over several years. Amid warnings that energy bills could rise 50% in the next year, causing a “national crisis”, suppliers like EDF have urged the Treasury Department to follow suit by lowering VAT and environmental taxes by the Lower bills. – Guardian

The Treasury Department missed £ 18 billion in credit from a key table on its budget document, it admitted. The misprint, which does not affect the overall finances of the government, is regrettable for Chancellor Rishi Sunak, who has described deficit control as his “sacred duty”. In a table in the first chapter of the budget, the estimated 25.3 billion – Telegraf

Almost all of the UK’s smaller builders expect the planning system to hamper their efforts to build more homes in 2022 as local authorities do not have the staff to process their applications. In a nationwide survey, 94 percent of responding developers predicted delays in obtaining building permits would be an obstacle to building more homes in 2022. – The Times

RSM UK, the UK’s seventh largest accounting group, paid record rewards to its employees last year when it saw a surge in revenue and profits after taking audit clients off its Big Four rivals. RSM bosses were concerned at the start of the pandemic, but admitted that by the end of the last fiscal year, which ran through March 2021, we had “achieved a better result than we had hoped”. – The times

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