Fundraiser started for nurse in Portsmouth who is being treated in Thailand as a family call

Lauren Davison contracted kidney failure with her friend while on vacation.

The nurse who works at Queen Alexandra Hospital had to be connected to a dialysis machine in Pattaya and operated on.

Although the 27-year-old is responding well to treatment, she is bedridden and unable to keep the food to herself.

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Lauren developed kidney failure while on vacation in Thailand, and the family set up a GoFundMe page to help cover their treatment costs. Image: Andrea Davison

She has not been given a return date by medics, and she needs a certificate of fitness to fly to return home

The family was forced to set up a GoFundMe page – with a goal of £ 5,000 – to help cover medical bills. So far, over 900 euros have been raised.

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Lauren’s travel insurance has expired and could not be extended to cover the expenses.

Lauren was on the vacation of a lifetime with her friend Jasmine until she was hospitalized the day before she returned. Image: Andrea Davison

Andrea Davison, Lauren’s mother, said she won’t feel good until her daughter comes home healthy.

She said, “I feel helpless here because she is so far away. It’s not like she just flew to Spain and it’s a couple of hours by plane from here, it’s half the world.

“I just want her here so I can help take care of her.”

Lauren traveled to Thailand with her friend Jasmine Hatton in October for the vacation of a lifetime.

Lauren was not given an upcoming return date by medics. Image: Andrea Davison.

The 27-year-old has been a nurse – previously a phlebotomologist – for a year and has worked throughout the pandemic.

Andrea added that her daughter always worked in the care and deserved the vacation.

She said, “Lauren and her friend had been saving for this since the beginning of the year. It was something they always wanted to do.

“She saved all this money and worked so hard to make it happen.”

The couple traveled around Thailand, exploring mountains, visiting temples and learning the language.

They extended the vacation by 10 days and were supposed to fly back last Saturday.

Unfortunately, Lauren developed symptoms of illness the day before.

Andrea explained that her daughter had severe abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting and a high fever.

What was thought to be just an infection turned out to be kidney failure.

Andrea added, “Her liver was working completely off so they had to plug her into a dialysis machine and operate.

“She responded quite well to the operation, but is still being treated.

“The longer she stays in the hospital, the more money it will cost.”

Lauren is still in the hospital with her friend Jasmine, a nurse who works for Care +, by her side.

The first operation couldn’t be done until Andrea paid an installment, so in a panic, she had to borrow £ 2,500 from her mother, Brenda Davison.

Medical costs are rising and the family is struggling to pay them.

Andrea has a heart condition and cannot work.

She also had to grapple with the death of her father Harry Davison and said it had been some stressful weeks.

She said, “I know she was treated really well out there, but because I can’t see her, that worries me.

“This is the first time something like this has happened and I just want Lauren to get home safe and sound.

“It is a difficult time of the year to donate money, but as small as the donation is, we would love it very much.”

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