Is remote work getting tight? You should buy a work box


Ki Star Properties (3465.T) announced the release of the newest offering in their Hanare range called Hanare Zen; an air-conditioned, covered cabin that can sit in the driveway or on the lawn and serves as a closed teleworking room that allows privacy and sustained concentration phases.

The Hanare Zen, the dark cabin behind the plants.

Hanare means “away away” in Japanese, but not on Weekend getaway Context; more like that “get away from me” or “I have to go” Nuance.

The pandemic has brought family-related challenges with you literally taking all of your work home with you, causing friction. Relieving this pain point is the purpose of the Hanare series of work boxes.

The Hanare Zen has an inner surface 91 centimeters wide and 1.8 meters long with power connections, a desk built into a wall and a few small windows that let in light.

According to the Ki Star press release, the Zen will take 2 sunny days to build, is currently only sold in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and costs from 559,000 yen in taxes, or about $ 5,100 at the time of writing.

The outside and inside of Zen.

The Zen is the cheaper, smaller cousin of the originally published Hanare Shosaiban (or Hanare Study Version), which is larger, with an awning and a small porch outside the sliding glass doors.

Ki Star Real Estate promotional video of the Shosaiban highlights including the husband’s 30 second commute to the office.

The internal footprint of the Shosaiban is 1.8 meters wide and 3.64 meters long, about twice as much as Zen. It comes with a larger desk, power hookups, a small storage cabinet on the back of the unit that doubles as a delivery box, it takes 8 sunny days to build, and it retails for 1,980,000 yen in tax, or about $ 18,100 at the time of writing.

The Shosaiban is available at a discount when purchasing an order through Ki Star home and, like the Zen, is currently only sold in the greater Tokyo area.

further reading

Ki Star Real Estate Hanare Series Press Release (September 2021; Japanese only)

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