Jen Stark brings trippy graphics to Brooklyn pop-up


Los Angeles-based artist Jen Stark recently opened a pop-up exhibition in Brooklyn.

On the grounds of the William Vale Hotel Williamsburg takes place their digital exhibition entitled cascade, is available now through October 24th.

It’s not your average pop-up. Stroll through a 6,000-square-meter space, where each room is dedicated to a different visual signature, be it stripes, clusters of colors, or trippy circles. Most of the works shown here are projected onto the white walls, although some sense movement and follow you as you move.

This project, initiated by Art Market Productions, is the artist’s most ambitious to date. She has worked with computer programmers trained in augmented reality and projection mapping to create a kaleidoscopic, technically colored experience. The graphics change over time and the tone makes you feel like you are underwater.

It is more than just optical illusions; it is inspired by mathematical pattern systems such as the Fibonacci sequence and Riemannian geometry.

The project, presented jointly with United Talent Agency and Joshua Liner Projects, Stark has created a whole universe of colors that has no clear narrative. It is a free flowing experience of color, light and sound.

But what do you think of such a sea of ​​colors and where does its meaning for the artist come from?

As Stark explains: “I am inspired by nature and its connection to the spiritual world. I love how designs in nature are based on math equations and fractals. Sacred geometry, evolution and plant growth are my inspirations. “

You can’t help but think of their connections to the harsh 1960s abstraction, be it Frank Stella or Bridget Riley. Or the trippy patterned works of art by Alex Gray.

As Stark explains, “My love for colors comes from being used in nature. It’s usually a lure or repellent: a bright red fruit begging to be eaten, or a dangerous colorful poison dart frog warning you not to eat it. I am very interested in this dichotomy. Color is supposed to grab your attention and I love to play with these ideas in my work. “

Cascade is located at the William Vale Hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (111 N 12th St). buy tickets here.

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