Kevin Yeung regrets Hong Thai’s liquidation, admits ‘0+3’ is of limited help

It’s a shame that Hong Kong’s legendary Hong Thai Travel Services cannot continue operations amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Minister for Culture, Sports and Tourism Kevin Yeung Yun-hung said as he admitted the relaxed “0 measure +3”.

On Wednesday, the travel agency closed all of its six branches in the city, saying the move was to minimize operating costs and maintain strength until borders are fully reopened. Two days later, parent company Caissa Tosun Development Co Ltd filed a notice with the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, announcing Hong Thai’s dissolution.

Speaking to reporters after an event on Saturday, Yeung said Hong Thai’s liquidation will be carried out by the Travel Industry Authority in accordance with the law. He added that it is a pity that such an established travel agency cannot continue its operations.

The tourism chief, who took office in July, recalled previous government measures to support the tourism sector, including HK$3.8 billion in funding, as the industry has been going through a difficult period for more than two years amid the pandemic.

He said he understood that the latest “0+3” measure could only help the industry to a limited extent as certain restrictions on inbound travelers had yet to be lifted.

Still, Yeung reminded the public to abide by the anti-Covid curbs and wanted more people to get the Covid vaccinations so the authorities have more room to relax the rules and get society back to normal as soon as possible can.

Separately, Yeung said in a TV interview that it has not yet been confirmed when Hong Kong will implement the “0+0” measure. He went on to say that the government must take scientific data and Covid developments into account.

In another note, Secretary-General Chan Kwok-ki said he was saddened by the news, just like any other citizen. He explained that he has already taken tours of Hong Thai.

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