Klongtom Heritage offers investors an “unmissable opportunity” to become part of the hot salt spring treasure

Klongtom Heritage has pinned its hopes on its ability to become a new world-class health and wellness destination with the discovery of the hot salt spring known as the world’s only underground treasure and rich in hundreds of minerals with a high content of overall dissolved solids (TDS) of about 11,690. Covering a vast area of ​​more than 300 rai, the Klongtom Heritage project consists of ten special zones highlighted by the training area, cafe, hotel and residence, designed to meet different needs and to match lifestyles of health lovers. The project also includes the world’s first specialized holistic hospital that has used the use of the hot salt spring to build a health rehabilitation program in line with modern medicine, as well as exclusive services with world-recognized standards. Klongtom Heritage invites both local and foreign investors to seize this “unmissable opportunity” to become part of the healthcare megatrend and collectively make the Klongtom Heritage project worth more than 13.7 billion baht achievable.

There are many reasons why it is worth investing in the Klongtom Heritage project. Krabi is a southern province of Thailand that lies on the coast of the Andaman Sea. The province is hugely popular for its natural attractions, including scenic mountainous landscapes, stunning sandy beaches, gorgeous tropical coastlines, and stunning waterfalls and caves unparalleled in the country. However, few know that Krabi’s Klongtom district has a unique natural treasure that can attract health-conscious tourists from all over the world. It is the “hot salt spring” created by the emergence of naturally heated groundwater flowing through rock crevices and their sediments. The groundwater, heated and mixed with the deep-sea water, contains a high level of salt, estimated at more than 9 grams per liter, along with approximate amounts of 104 milligrams per liter and 29 milligrams per liter of calcium and magnesium, respectively. It is also rich in essential minerals of more than 100 species, with sodium chloride being a major mineral, followed by silica, potassium and magnesium carbonate, while the total dissolved solids (TDS) content is kept at 11,690, which is much higher than average Level of only 1,000 to 2,000 that other hot springs possess.

Since the water temperature in the salt spring varies between 40 and 47 degrees Celsius, it is really suitable for bathing and bathing. The wondrous hot salt spring also helps stimulate circulation, lower blood pressure, soothe sore muscles and reduce joint inflammation, while providing relaxation in a highly versatile form of hydrotherapy believed to treat diabetes, skin diseases and the nervous system nourishes and digestive system.

The Klongtom Heritage project was therefore initiated out of Klongtom Heritage’s passionate desire to let the world know about the wonder of the hot salt spring as something special for everyone. The brine thermal baths are used to complement the treatment of diseases in combination with modern medicine, supported by the many years of experience and expertise of physiotherapists, regenerative medicine doctors and medical specialists invited, specialized health and rehabilitation programs and world-class service standards.

Covering an approximate area of ​​300 rai, the Klongtom Heritage project becomes even more special with ten different health and wellness zones covering all lifestyles and needs of health lovers, where local and foreign investors can take advantage of this unmissable opportunity to enter the zones to invest in which they prefer to invest in, varying in (1) Community Market, (2) Hotel, (3) Town Center, (4) Sports, Enhancement, (5) Spa Medical, (6) Agriculture, (7) Branded Residences, (8) Resort Residences, (9) Amataya Residence and (10) Amataya Rehabilitation Hospital.

The first phase will open in June 2022, starting with Amataya Rehabilitation Hospital, a new holistic hospital specializing in physiotherapy and treatment of stroke patients, and Amataya Residence, a luxury residential project aiming to improve the quality of life in line with the natural environment, with a private salt hot spring pool in each unit for those who strive for health restoration and energy enhancement every day.

Emphasis on the concept of “holistic healthcare” is recognized as a key factor in investing in the health and wellness industry. The existence of an aging society and serious diseases, as well as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, have made people pay more attention to preventive health methods, especially holistic health care for physical and mental health during this period. This has become a key factor stimulating investment in the health and wellness market. Several small and large companies are eyeing this fast growing business. Many real estate developers have stated their intention to invest in the health and wellness market, whether in the form of a joint venture or the expansion of new businesses.

According to the report published by GWI, titled The Global Wellness Economy: Looking Beyond COVID, the wellness economy is projected to come back to life with amazing spurts in growth once the COVID-19 pandemic is over. Growth may reach $7.0 trillion by 2025 measured across the 11 sectors of the health and wellness economy. GWI has also forecast that the hot springs industry may generate around $90 billion in revenue that same year.

Out of 34,099 hot spring sites in 130 countries worldwide, Krabi’s Klongtom district hot salt spring is considered the only underground treasure that possesses medicinal properties in the treatment of diseases. It’s one of the main reasons health and wellness investors shouldn’t pass up this great opportunity. More importantly, the market value of health tourism in Thailand tends to increase steadily. Currently, Thailand is recognized as one of the top five health tourism destinations in the world, while both medical tourism and health and wellness tourism are growing in popularity among local and foreign tourists, who are estimated to spend up to 80,000-120 baht, 000 per trip. This will be special for those of the wellness tourism group, especially since they are not considered sick people, but are looking for a trip to learn about new health programs, enjoy local healthy menus, get health check-up packages, or health therapy courses and Thai to visit Massage, in line with the government’s recent policy to promote a brand new “Health and Hot Spring Tourism” program to be an integral part of the National Economic Development Plan, especially for the development of health and wellness tourism. With the government’s full backing, this is an unmissable opportunity for strategic investors to participate in transforming Thailand into a world-class health and wellness hub.

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The Klongtom Heritage project is currently welcoming investors and operators with potential, expertise and professionalism in the health and wellness space to become part of this megatrend, having pinned hopes on its ability to become a new world-class health and wellness destination .

For more information please contact Tel. +66 92 257 9089 or visit Klongtom Heritage at https://www.klongtomheritage.com/.

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