Meet the mascots of Andamanda Phuket Water Park

What better way to enjoy a splashy day than having a fun time at Phuket’s largest water park? Andamanda Phuket Water Park is one of the newest and largest water parks on the island. With 5 different zones, the water park offers a range of slides, thrilling water slides, lazy river pools and even acrylic pool bars.

Whether you just want to escape the heat and cool off, slide and slide with the kids, or try adrenaline-pumping rides, you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic day here. But that’s not all. Andamanda Phuket Water Park boasts a Thai heritage theme, allowing you to immerse yourself in a unique Thai mythology experience based on the legend of The Lost Kingdom of Nagon. And to make your time here even more fun, there is a mascot in each zone of the water park. Let’s get to know them!

1. The Great Nagon

PHOTO: The Great Nagon

The gate of Andamanda Water Park is called The Pearl Palace. Here you will meet The Great Nagon. According to legend, The Great Nagon has protected the Great Andaman Bay and island jewel since the dawn of time. He decided to divide his supreme power into five portions. Each part of his power was engraved on five sacred objects scattered throughout the island.

After dividing and losing its power, The Great Nagon transformed into a massive rock statue that guarded the village gate as a sacred landmark. The reunion of the five sacred objects would bring back the Great Nagon and his Supreme Power. By exploring the water park, you can help him bring the five sacred objects back together. At the entrance to the water park, you will find the massive 9 meter tall statue of Great Nagon. Every hour, The Great Nagon lights up with an amazing effects show for your entertainment. The Great Nagon statue is so remarkable that it makes for a great photo opportunity, so be sure to snap a few photos before entering the water park.

Do you want to remember your amazing moments in Andamanda Phuket? There is a photo booth service at The Pearl Palace and professional photographers to ensure you capture your splashy moments at the water park. In addition, The Pearl Palace houses the water park’s retail store where you can find various Andamanda goods and local products to take home.

2. Chaiya

Splash around at Andamanda Phuket Water Park and have a little more fun with the mascots |  News from Thaiger

PHOTO: Chaiya

Find Chaiya at The Village, the water park restaurant where you can taste delicious food and desserts to recharge your energy after your ride on the fun slides and rides. With its Thai-style decoration, shadow puppet and floating market, The Village Restaurant is an ideal place to immerse yourself in the charm of a traditional Thai market. Here you can also indulge in delicious local Thai, Italian and American dishes cooked to order.

Be sure to try Massaman Chicken, “The Village” Beef Burger, Phuket Pizza and Pad Thai if you’re looking for a fulfilling meal to prepare for exploring the water park. If you fancy something sweet, a selection of Thai desserts is also available. As well as delicious food, The Village is also home to the Andamanda Trading Company. This retail outlet offers a selection of local Thai snacks and toys, as well as vintage souvenirs.

The mascot was named Chaiya when he was born in memory of his ancestors. Chaiya is known to be very brave and determined to protect his island and its people. He wears tailored Suratthani boxing shorts with Pha Khao Ma (traditional Thai fabric) at the waist. Chaiya is a skilled fighter who is super strong and fast. With his skills in muay thai and kickboxing, he collects all the sacred objects of the Great Nagon. Chaiya invites you to find all sacred objects around this large water park in Phuket.

3. Nora

Splash around at Andamanda Phuket Water Park and have a little more fun with the mascots |  News from Thaiger


Enter the Emerald Forest Zone and find Nora, a mystically beautiful Kinnaree who wears an angel-like costume. Nora holds onto the emerald stone, which is the first of the sacred objects that Chaiya finds. The emerald stone has the power of defense. It is so strong that almost no elements or forces can penetrate its barrier power. Thanks to the emerald stone, Nora can create thunderstorms.

To find the Emerald Stone in the Emerald Forest, climb to the Kinnaree Temple with Nora and drop 6 meters from Angel’s Slides to the longest dueling Master Blaster in Thailand. In addition, an exhilarating ride called Flight of Kinnarees invites you to plunge down a slide into a 10-foot-deep pool. When you tire of the excitement of exploring, relax in the Emerald Pool or grab a refreshing signature cocktail from Sand Beach and the Sand Bar, like the Pandaway and Tamarind Julip cocktails.

4. Tie Dye

Splash around at Andamanda Phuket Water Park and have a little more fun with the mascots |  News from Thaiger

PHOTO: Batik

Meet Batik, the cheerful whale shark who lives in the coral world. Batik is a very friendly mascot who is considered to be the real big brother of the underwater world. He has the Magic Ribbon Silk, the second of the sacred items Chaiya found. The bright orange magic ribbon silk has the power of transformation. It can transform itself into any object on earth and only listens to the command of the great whale shark. By using the magic silk ribbon and the magic marble on his headband together, Batik can create a huge wave.

Aside from finding Magic Ribbon Silk and meeting Batik, you can have an exciting time in Coral World. It features kid-friendly water slides, water guns, water buckets and 550 meters of Rolling Ripples, the longest lazy river in Asia. At Atoll’s Adventure you’ll find an interactive three-story play structure with 8 slides and hands-on water fun. These include interactive water guns, jet taps and tie-dye water buckets. The water buckets unload 500 gallons of water onto everyone below every five minutes, so watch out!

Enjoying the water park with your little ones? Visit Wonder Waterland, where kids can jump and splash around with the interactive jellyfish swings or slide and slide down the Mr. Krab water slide. Water jets, tipping buckets and a few animal friends also provide additional fun. Parents, adults and children can also participate here!

If your little ones want exciting experiences, Little Reef is the place for you. Little Reef offers the littlest thrill-seekers their own little version of Andaman slides for hours of fun. The slides here are basically the mini and kid-friendly versions of the big slides available in other parts of the park. It will surely keep your little adventurers entertained throughout the day. In addition, the whole family can play on the slides together, creating an unforgettable family experience that will be remembered for years.

5. Captain Samut

Splash around at Andamanda Phuket Water Park and have a little more fun with the mascots |  News from Thaiger

PHOTO: Captain Samut

If you head to the Great Andaman Bay zone of the water park, you will meet the powerful Captain Samut, a pirate born hunter. Captain Samut always brings an amphibious hermit crab named Sarang as a partner in his evil plans. Sarang can only communicate with Captain Samut and predict the weather with its two pairs of tentacles.

Captain Samut possesses the Sword of the World, the third of the sacred items Chaiya finds. The sword of the world possesses the power of destruction. It is so powerful that it could shatter the core of the earth.

At The Great Andaman Bay, you can meet Captain Samut and Sarang, find the Sword of the World and relax on the 10,000 square meter man-made beach. The artificial beach at Great Andaman Bay is the only place in Thailand where you will find 3 meter artificial waves, so imagine all the water fun you can enjoy here! In addition, The Great Andaman Bay invites you to experience near-vertical drop slides and sip a frozen cocktail in a swim-up pool bar at Wave Bar. The almost life-size James Bond Island is located in the Wave Bar. On this iconic island you will find the fourth sacred item: The Heart of the Nagon.

6. Little Nagon

Splash around at Andamanda Phuket Water Park and have a little more fun with the mascots |  News from Thaiger

PHOTO: Little Nagon

Little Nagon is an orange creature with a peaceful spirit who lives in the Naga Jungle. Little Nagon itself is a sacred item. If you bring the Heart of the Nagon to Little Nagon, its power will return and become one of the special items possessing the Great Nagon’s power.

While chasing the sacred object in the Naga Jungle, you can enjoy some thrilling rides. Go to the Sun Tower for Racing Naga where you can find a 6-lane water race track and slide down headfirst with your friends. Not exciting enough for you? Try the free fall at Dragon’s Drop, plunge 200 feet through a closed inverted loop chute in the Cobra Curls, or slide on your back at the Garuda Soars at Moon Tower.

When it’s time to recharge your batteries or you just need a refreshment, head to the Tropical Beach Restaurant in the Naga Jungle Zone. The restaurant offers Thai-style grilled seafood, surf and turf and refreshing desserts. The Barb-B-Que Pork Ribs & Cajun Prawn is incredibly tasty if you’re in the mood for seafood. And don’t miss the Little Nagon Popsicle if you’re looking for something really refreshing.

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