Mum apologizes for the actions of the murderer son

BANGKOK – The mother of Panya Khamrab, the former policewoman who perpetrated the Nong Bua Lam Phu nursery massacre, deeply regrets what her son did.

She has apologized to the families of the victims and plans to visit each family soon to apologize in person, the reports Bangkok Post.

Her regrets were conveyed by Dr. Amporn Benjaponpitak, Director General of the Department of Mental Health, who said the killer’s mother wanted to contact the families, which is why she recorded a video message.

“Panya’s mother wanted to apologize and express her regret that she was unable to attend the royally sponsored cremations,” said Dr. Amporn.

She also said his mother denied receiving any threats or being forced to leave her home in Uthai Sawan tambon by local people who may have blamed her for what happened, some media outlets have claimed.

In her video message, which she was happy to publish, she said she could not attend the funeral service because she was so upset.

“I want to apologize to everyone for the actions of my son. I am truly and deeply sorry. I’ll pay a visit and apologize to each family when I’m less desperate. I’m very sorry,” she said. She is currently living in Udon Thani with another son.

Meanwhile said Dr. Amporn said the department categorized the number of post-traumatic stress disorder cases attributed to the massacre into three groups — red, yellow, and green.

“The number of those most affected in the red group has increased from 170 to 260 people and includes witnesses, injured people and relatives,” she said.

Medical personnel examined the victims’ mental health. They also assessed the stress level in the yellow group, which includes volunteer rescue workers, teachers from two nearby schools and local administration officials indirectly affected by the incident, she said.

Two deputy general directors of the department, Dr. Thiti Sawangtham and Dr. Jumpot Promsida, believed that local funeral rites and religious ceremonies played a major role in the healing process of those affected.

They said shared sorrow and empathy created emotional support for everyone involved in the tragic incident. The mental health department has urged people and the press to respect the privacy of survivors.

After Tuesday’s cremation, families collected the ashes at Wat Rat Samakkhi, Wat Sri Uthai and Wat Thep Mongkhon Phichai.

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