New Covid-19 easing for Chon Buri, alcohol not yet allowed


Chon Buri Governor released the latest updates on Covid-19 restrictions and content allowed for the province today, with no good news about alcohol and nightlife. Pattaya recently complained that other tourist hotspots, which attracted many tourists with their nightlife, were at least allowed to sell alcohol in restaurants, but Pattaya was removed from the list.

The new rules come into force tomorrow and outline some relaxation of the Covid-19 regulations in addition to the disappointing alcohol rules. However, they suggest preparing for the nightlife and entertainment venues to open in the future without any suggestion of a schedule. On the other hand, the curfew was lifted in time for Halloween tonight.

Meetings are allowed for a maximum of 200 people, although approval for larger meetings can be obtained from the Governor of Chon Buri or the Disease Control Committee, so hotels can host events for up to 400 people. However, parties and alcohol-related events are completely prohibited, and the order specifically warned against drinking on beaches and other public places. Tourist attractions are also prohibited from selling alcohol.

The governor has designated certain areas as official real estate tourism areas, although all rule changes have not yet come into effect. These areas are Bang Lamung District, Pattaya City, Sriracha District, Koh Sichang District, and Sattahip District (Na Chom Thian District and Bang Saray District only).

Convenience stores, markets and supermarkets in Chon Buri are now allowed to open around the clock, while most other stores such as restaurants and gyms have to close at 11 pm. Other businesses that are allowed to reopen now include amusement arcades and game stores, pool halls, snooker, bowling and roller skating. Meanwhile, amusement parks and water parks are still prohibited from opening.

The new revision has removed a number of annoyances, including the need for proof of vaccination for spas and tattoo shops and the ban on food and drink in cinemas (although masks are still required).

Government agencies will continue to work from home, and the governor encourages the private sector to do the same whenever possible. Schools can reopen if approved by the Communicable Disease Committee of Chon Buri Province. Some private schools are open, but most public schools are closed.

Finally, stadiums can host sporting events with the approval of the Chon Buri Communicable Disease Committee, and attendance is limited to 25% for indoor venues and 50% for outdoor venues. All Covid-19 security measures must be strictly followed.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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