News Corp’s campaign on the power of visual storytelling


Mura Ukapilamayzinga (All Connected) _Alick Tipoti

News Corp Australia today launched a nationwide campaign on the power of visual storytelling with a commissioned piece of art from an indigenous creator.

The campaign, A whole new way to grow, takes inspiration from Australia’s growth and how News Corp Australia has used storytelling to reach and represent the many communities and customer groups that have been critical to Australia’s successful growth.

The heart of the campaign is a work commissioned by Torres Strait Islander artist Alick Tipoti called Mura Ukapilamayzinga (All Connected).

This original work of art was created to show a story of growth, how connections between communities have changed over the years, and how different categories such as food, travel, sports, technology, and data play a role in connecting people and culture.

The intricate visual story is based on the traditional carvings of Tipoti’s ancestors. It depicts a global journey, representing the journey of News Corp Australia as the company continues to evolve and grow.

Lou Barrett, News Managing Director National Sales: “This campaign visually shows the transition of a community from the past to an increasingly digital world. A transition that News Corp Australia has made over the years. We now think differently about our customers’ businesses and the campaign aims to show that.

“Our approach with customers is to understand the journey their business is on; and what I love about the artwork is that it reflects that.

“We show not only our journey, but also that of our customers and our country. The art also shows connections, the connections between different audiences and different parts of the community, and our role in connecting our customers with our audiences.

“We wanted to take a creative approach to this campaign to reflect the level of creative thinking we will always use to solve our customers’ problems.

“Customers actively seek strategies, insights, and advice from us to help drive their business in an ever-changing world, rather than just a direct transactional relationship.

“We have an audience of 17.4 million * Australians on our network that marketers can connect their brands to using our market-leading data and digital capabilities, industry specialization and our high quality content marketing, audio and video production services.”

Barrett says marketing needs have changed rapidly over the past year.

“The economic impact of COVID-19 has led us to realign our business and efforts to meet their needs in a market that is changing rapidly. We are agile; and we are focused on giving our customers a return on investment, ”she says.

The campaign was developed by News Corp Australia’s in-house creative agency Roller. It will be rolled out over an eight week period through high impact placements on major trade media websites and The Australian.

Alick Tipoti’s artwork Mura Ukapilamayzinga (All Connected) pays homage to the ancient artifacts of his ancestors.

“The patterns carved into this particular work are in the Melanesian style. Each pattern touches all of the symbols depicted in the work and they are all connected, ”he says.

“It starts with the symbol of fire. Fire is represented in the top right corner of the print as the smoke marker spreads into the top half of the work. Through the smoke patterns I showed the evolution of communication in the world of technology. This fire represents the beginning of all cultures in the world.

“It was important to me to present the old procedures in order to complement the current procedure. By that I mean the different images of all the topics connected with the work, tell the story of change and growth.

“It was unusual but satisfying for me to carve modern imagery into this new work, which I see as a collaboration of old, current, and future imagery and themes interpreted through the eyes of a Zenadth Kes Islander (Torres Strait Islander) become.”

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