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(past selection) Northside Artists Group, founded in 2005 with a focus on the visual arts, has been reborn as the Northside Arts Collective, with an expanded mission to encompass the literary and performing arts. The organization’s new co-leaders are Our Vibrant Community Founder Rhiannon Gurley and SmereTactics Founder Sara Meredith; The team is currently conducting a survey ( of what Northside creatives are interested in. The poll results will be discussed at the first NAC Arts Social, where you can also learn more about the collective and how to become a member.

Media Release: Madison’s Northside offers an abundance of diversity and natural habitats that provide ideal conditions for the development of a range of creative skills. The Northside Arts Collective (NAC) exists to better highlight the arts community already existing on the Northside and to strengthen creative opportunities. To fulfill this mission, NAC needs altruistic volunteers for community-building projects. With your help, you can take an active initiative and still only take on what you can based on your availability and skills.

NAC currently has four major projects underway that are seeking volunteers from the community. The first are quarterly arts-related workshops at the Goodwill Northside Community Room. Creative people have the opportunity to use the intimate space to share their talents and expertise with the community. If you are also interested in a presentation, see the contact information below for more information.

Another project NAC is running is the Northside Farmers’ Market. NAC will host a table and give volunteers the opportunity to demonstrate their art form, whether it be visual art, poetry reading, playing an instrument, etc. The table also provides a space for open discussion about community needs and what people would like to see from the NAK.

NAC is also planning an art show at Warner Park this October. The exhibition has been showing art created by adults for 10 years. To better represent the Northside community demographic, this year’s exhibition is dedicated to celebrating emerging artists and their creative endeavours. The theme of this exhibition is “Northside Reflections”. Email NAC to submit completed artwork for exhibition.

The fourth project is quarterly Art Socials. The next NAC Art Social will take place on May 3rd at 7 p.m. in the Bierock. All are welcome, no registration required. Come and enjoy an atmosphere for creative like-minded people to network and encourage encouragement, ideas and collaboration opportunities. The Summer Society will be held at Tenney Park Shelter on August 3rd at 7pm.

Alongside these evolving projects, NAC has united the arts in other ways. They bang to spotlight local arts-related businesses and events on the North Side. The collective believes that community thrives when diverse creative events are highlighted and encouraged. Greater community awareness means more opportunities for art, music, dance and other performing arts.

To make a difference, contact organizer Rhiannon Gurley and Asst. Organizer Sara Meredith at [email protected]

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