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Michael Barett

Michael Barrett 1944 – 2022 BRUNSWICK – Well I’m gone. I knew that would happen. Do not worry. No regret. I have been so fortunate to have a life blessed with love, happiness and a rewarding career. There is nothing more I want and I end my journey on April 27, 2022 filled with peace, gratitude, joy and gratitude. You won’t find my name on any Forbes list, but I consider myself a man of great wealth. I grew up as part of a large family that was the product of parents who were dedicated to family. My father whistled us home for dinner. My mother cooked a family dinner almost every night. We didn’t touch our forks until my mother had eaten her first bite. Six children, each unique, many paths, many memories. family, yes Marine Corps Reserves and Hawthorne College (now closed, not because of me) and classes in Rhode Island, Thailand and Singapore. Moved to Maine, part of the hippie wave in the mid ’70s. Grounded at Shelter Institute, learned to work with my hands, met countless amazing people escaping civilization for a better life. And ironically, life here in Maine was so civilized. One of my best decisions. Returned to public schools in the late 1970s, graduated from USM, began working as an elementary school counselor. This was a perfect fit for me and I worked in Brunswick, Topsham and Wiscasset until 2014. I have once again been very fortunate to have worked with educators, mostly women, who showed a deep commitment to their students, families and colleagues. Unless you have worked in schools, it is truly impossible to understand and appreciate the hard work that members of a school community put in. The work is hard, the challenges diverse and the success difficult to measure. They get on children’s faces and hugs. My riches are many. I have a daughter, Brae Harley, who gave my life purpose. She is bold, determined, devoted and spirited. She is my greatest gift. My grandson, Mason, his first cry filled my heart, and he does it every day. Even if he can’t see me, I will watch him. And Scott, my fisherman son-in-law, who taught me so much about life. His ethics, his spirit and his unyielding humor make me grateful beyond measure. And my big extended family scattered from coast to coast, border to border. It is not possible to capture the words to express my pride, happiness and love for you all. Thank you for being who you are, for your own love for family, for your efforts to make the world a place of hope. This large and loving family is my source of hope. Steven, Biscuit, Kathy, Rich, Eileen. My siblings and their spouses. How lucky we are, how lucky am I to have a family that has grown despite our losses to be closer, more loving and more supportive. Thanksgiving. For us, borne by losses, borne by devotion to family. Rekindled every year. We are privileged in our union, in our love for one another. Naomi, my bride. Found me, trusted me, loved me, changed my life when I was lost. Re-acquainted me with God and the importance of unconditional love. I couldn’t imagine my life without her. We had lots of laughs and adventures. As I walk in front of her, I will always stay beside her and wait. Naomi shared her children James and Katherine. For us, this “new family” journey was one of small steps as we learned from each other, moving forward consciously and steadily, finding laughter and celebration along the way. Her world brought me closer to the energy of her life and lit my path. So proud of her. So thankful to be her stepfather. I look forward to seeing friends again. The pandemic threw a spanner in the works. I look forward to playing poker with the departed members of The Friends of Barry Doughty, playing Scrabble and having a whiskey with Cook, and hanging out with my missing family members. I’ll keep an eye on those I leave behind. I look forward to seeing you again. Many thanks to the Palliative Care Team and CHANS Home Health and Hospice for the exemplary care to the end of my trip. And finally Go Sox! A Christian funeral service on Monday, May 9 at 11 a.m. at St. Charles Borromeo Church of All Saints Parish at 132 McKeen St., Brunswick. If you want to make a contribution, consider doing something that supports a local community, one that improves the lives of others. make a difference

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