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JEFFERSONVILLE – A new venue provides a destination for arts and entertainment in Jeffersonville.

Jeffersonville city officials on Tuesday presented a ribbon sever for The Depot in the NoCo Arts & Cultural District in Jeffersonville. The room at 701 Michigan Ave. serves as an art market and concert venue.

The room includes converted shipping containers covered with colorful murals by the local wall painter Wilfred Sieg III, who also created the mural on the nearby water tank in the art district. The containers have been turned into spaces where artists can exhibit and sell their works.

From this weekend the city offers for the next four Saturdays from 23.10. until 13.11. organized a series of events called Depot Days. The events take place from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Select artists rotate each Saturday of Depot Days, and the first event will feature eight local artists. There are plenty of ideas for future events in the room, said Emily Dippie, Jeffersonville public art administrator.

“On the next four Saturdays we see a kind of combined art market, concert [and] Food truck experience, and we hope it will be regular – to be a place where art forms of various kinds can be served and shown to our community and connect in a really special space designed to do that ” , she said.

Dippie describes The Depot as a “funky space” that is already inspiring local performing and visual artists.

“I feel like I talk to people on the phone every day talking about their ideas for the room.

The upper levels of the converted shipping containers serve as viewing platforms for performances.

“You can come and hear the music, have a drink, have a bite to eat, and hang out on our upper platform,” said Dippie.

Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore said The Depot allows people to “take a stroll through a small artist village.” COVID-19 has slowed the project down, but he looks forward to finally showing the room, he said.

“The depot is just another way for us to be unique,” ​​he said. “We always wanted to be a destination, and I think Jeffersonville is now that destination.”

Maker13 will be open for tours during the Saturday event, and its Maker Mobile will be on-site at The Depot to showcase tools for crafts, arts and hobbies.

Jeffersonville City Councilor Scott Hawkins said “a lot of people worked long hours” to create The Depot.

“This is really a gem,” he said. “No other churches here really have that. It’s going to be a tie. It’s hard to become a destination and we become a destination. That will have a lot to do with it. “

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