Overpriced mangosteens in Phuket go viral on Tiktok – how much per kilo!?

A Thai TikToker shared a video of a Phuket street vendor selling mangosteens at the rather steep price of 500 baht per kilogram, considered too expensive for Thais (or anyone else).

The Tiktoker said she didn’t want to offend the seller by claiming the price was ridiculously high, she was just soliciting other people’s opinions on the price. Not surprisingly, she found that her viewers also thought the mangosteen varieties were overpriced.

The video shows a local fruit seller sprouting different types of fruit, but the footage focuses on the pile of mangosteens with a surprise sign announcing the price of 500bt per kilo. In the video, a woman’s voice asks the seller… “What is the new price?” The answer… “The cost price is already 300 baht per kilogram because it is not the season for mangosteens”.

The woman who took the video said the “street” style shop is located on Surin Beach in Phuket, usually a popular spot for foreigners when visiting the island.

At first she thought the price was just a joke but the seller confirmed it was real.

The seller finally changed the price to 400 baht per kilogram after about 4 hours, which they said was still a top price. The TikToker added that she believes the price should not be higher than about 100 baht per kilogram. Bottom line…she didn’t buy any mangosteens.

Many users shared their opinion under their video. Some say the tourists were willing to pay for it and the seller didn’t force anyone to buy it, while others agreed it was WAY overpriced.

Thai media have meanwhile asked a fruit farmer in Nakhon Si Thammarat about the mangosteen price. The farmers informed that the price could be high because it was not in season and the season will start from May. But the 500 baht per kilogram was still too high.

SOURCE: channel 3

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