Patong Hill will be opened for small cars traveling to Patong

PHUKET: Small vehicles will be allowed to drive up Patong Hill from Kathu today (Nov. 10), starting at no later than 4 p.m., Phuket officials have announced.

The news came after a meeting this morning with the approval announced by the Phuket Info Center.

No further details have been explained so far.

The announcement follows Phuket Governor Narong inspecting the landslide site on the hill last night and attended a meeting with local officials last night to update on the safety of the site.

Work to stabilize the site continues, with large rocks and heavier soil being placed at the base of the escarpment exposed by the October 19 landslide.

Despite daily rains for the past few weeks, the site was considered safe, according to a report this morning from the Phuket office of the Public Relations Department (PR Phuket).

The cumulative effect of precipitation remains small. Soil pressure at the site is still below the critical threshold, the report said.

There were no other ground movements at the site, the report said.

“The road is still safe. The traffic route can be used sparingly according to local conditions,” the report concluded.

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