PEA accelerates the transformation to a digital supplier

Focuses on innovation, digital technology & platforms, smart grid and renewable energies to serve customer consumption and ensure sustainable energy supply

The Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) is transforming into a digital utility company to improve the quality, standard, and reliability of power distribution. PEA places great emphasis on customer relationship management to meet customer expectations, including: full electrical service through digital platforms; Launch of several projects to support strong and intelligent networks for households, businesses and industrial sectors; Providing additional services and new business related to core business with partners and; Further development of the shared company value in order to achieve the most effective ecosystem.

Mr Supachai Ek-un, the governor of the province’s Electricity Department, spoke about electricity consumption in Thailand in January-August 2021. He said PEA totaled 93,569 million units, an increase of 3.14 percent over the same period last year.

“Household sector consumption rose 1.42 percent due to government measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 that advised people to work and study from home,” he said. “For the industrial sector, electricity consumption rose by 8.24 percent after the economy recovered and production for exports, especially in the automotive, steel and plastics industries, increased.”

“Although the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in lower electricity consumption in department stores and hospitality, the electricity demand of households and the manufacturing industry has increased steadily.”

“PEA has prepared all measures to provide electricity continuously and in a sufficiently customer-oriented manner. At the same time, PEA improves the quality of power distribution and services in line with the trend in power consumption and meets market demand while maintaining environmental awareness. “

“PEA has innovated and introduced technology to support its performance, including customer relationship management, human resource management, digital platforms and various applications for each business area. PEA’s planned projects include renewable energies and energy savings. This also includes improving the distribution system using digital technology. This includes a smart grid development project in which 116,308 smart meters have already been installed in Pattaya and expansion to other areas is in preparation. In addition, a microgrid project aims to develop very small grid power systems in remote areas. We also have projects to install solar power generation systems on the roofs of 204 PEA office buildings. Then there is a net zero energy building project at the Provincial Electricity Authority, Nakhon Chai Si District, Nakhon Pathom Province. Also a joint venture with Finland to open a power plant in Rayong Province, which will go into operation in January 2022. ”

“New technologies have been implemented to prepare for emerging energy trends. For example, a battery storage system was installed to reduce the problem of power failure and to increase power quality and reliability. Other smart solutions have been introduced to make the system smarter, such as automatic meter reading (AMI). In addition, the increasing electricity demand of electric vehicles, especially for charging stations, is taken into account and at the same time the global trend towards renewable energies is taken into account. “

“PEA has also set guidelines for the use of digital technology to promote and support stable and sustainable power grid management. This will support complex networks in the future and increase management efficiency. This includes developing various platforms to manage or improve workflows to speed up work and reduce costs. Satellite technology and collaboration with other professional and ethical agencies and organizations will continue to increase the potential to meet future electricity consumption. “

PEA recently partnered with the government and the private sector to organize the ASEAN SUSTAINABLE ENERGY WEEK & PUMPS AND VALVES ASIA 2021 (ASEW & PVA) – Virtual Edition, a major exhibition dedicated to innovation and technology for energy sustainability in ASEAN Region in the form of an online platform.

PEA presented technologies that have been jointly developed and applied to increase work efficiency and meet the needs of customers at all levels.

This includes PEA Care and Service, an application that provides a one-stop service that includes maintenance of electrical systems, safety reviews and device replacement. Users can report their needs easily and quickly through the application.

Another innovation, PEA IHAPM, aims at intelligent energy control via smartphones. Users can turn electrical devices on and off with their mobile phone anywhere. They can also monitor their power consumption and get notified of unusual things with their electrical appliances. All of this is controlled by an artificial intelligence (AI) system.

PEA Solar Energy Solutions is a service that allows electrical users interested in energy savings and the use of solar energy to design, install and fully manage energy for them.

The PEA Volta Platform offers charging services for electric vehicles via a digital platform developed by PEA. The platform enables users of electric vehicles and operators of electric charging stations to conveniently use the service via the network of the PEA VOLTA platform. The network currently comprises around 57 electric charging stations and PEA VOLTA charging stations. PEA plans to increase the total to 263 by 2023. Until then, the network should cover the country’s most important motorways with a charging station every 100 kilometers.

“In addition to the exchange of innovations and energy technologies, the ASEW & PVA 2021 – Virtual Edition showed the support of all sectors in order to advance the energy sustainability of the country and the ASEAN region”, Supachai continued.

“PEA stands ready to continue working together at all levels and aims to develop and implement technologies and innovations to increase the potential of using electricity in all conditions, so that people can be confident that they will always be supported in their activities . “

“No matter what the future holds, PEA is ready to provide a powerful power distribution system that is intelligent, stable, secure and meets everyone’s needs. We are also ready to promote and drive the adoption of clean energy to ensure a sustainable future. ”

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