A report from ABC News says job postings are online in the US mention telework twice as often as before the pandemic. Many people have returned to work in the past few months, but some have made working from home permanent careers.

Rachel Stahl made the transition from personal work to home work in February. She has given up a practical job, is constantly surrounded by people, and now works as a travel nurse recruiter.

“I can literally travel and work anywhere. As if I was only with my parents for a week and didn’t have to work because I can just take my laptop with me, “said Stahl.

Stahl says she saves money and time by working from her apartment. But there are things that she misses in the office, like the social aspect and direct access to colleagues when she needs help.

“I would say it’s hard to switch off work at home just because, for example, I live in an apartment and my computers are in my room,” said Stahl.

A construction equipment maker says it grew during the pandemic, creating ten new jobs. The company’s recruiter believes it’s because it offers the luxury of working from home a few days a week.

“Working from home is still very productive and the flexibility of working from home makes people really happy,” says Morgan Gilbert, Berry Corporate recruiter.

Stahl says she plans to work from home for the next several years. “Many jobs have found they can work from home and have the tools they need. With today’s technology, I honestly don’t think half of the jobs have to go back to work. “

More and more companies will switch to working from home. Amazon and Ford are among the largest companies offering their employees more flexible working hours and permanent remote jobs.