Phuket hosts WBC Nai Khanom Tom Belt Showdown

MUAY THAI: Fans of Muay Thai witnessed a sensational event at Angsana Resort in Phuket on September 26 as part of the PHIST5 initiative.

The evening, hosted by Tim Fisher and Revolution Promotions in association with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and the Phuket Hotel Associations, used Thailand’s most famous martial arts as the focal point of entertainment.

Muay Thai fighters from Australia, Brazil, Thailand and the US competed that night for the right to take home the unique award, the WBC Nai Khanom Tom belt, a belt that was partially found in the foothills of northern Thailand by the wonderful people is woven at the renowned Mae Fah Luang Foundation.

A full house was treated to a rousing event that showcased the epitome of human fighting spirit. The card started with two fights between youngsters in the sport as Bunlangfai defeated Charnchai Revolution in the first fight and Lek Revolution defeated Petchkiansa in the second.

Next, Lamec Silva of Revolution Muay Thai defeated Yodyang Nam thanks to a first-round knockout to earn a WBC Muay Thai Nai Khanom belt at 50th win fight.

The second fight between Yodpayak of Revolution and Max Cruz of the USA was an exciting five round encounter. Yodpayak, an Om Noi and Lumpinee Stadium champion, emerged victorious and secured the Nai Khanom Tom belt.

In the final match between Australia’s Cruz Briggs and America’s Henry Lee, the roaring crowd witnessed a stunning second-round KO victory by Cruz. Congratulations to Cruz on becoming the first Australian to hold the title.

After the event, Revolution Promotions expressed their deepest appreciation and congratulated all of the night’s fighters, big and small, on their incredible performances.

The organizer also expressed gratitude to WBC, TAT and the Phuket Hotel Associations for coming together to make this magical event possible.

The evening’s battle card followed an event organized by PHIST5, which brought together the hospitality industry and its stakeholders to discuss environmental sustainability and community benefits. A series of discussions and analysis from leading sustainability experts focused on how COVID-19 has impacted the tourism industry and how it is now facing the challenges of the future.

PHIST5 is an ongoing special events collaboration between the Phuket Hotels Association, Greenview and C9 Hotelworks, with support from the American Chamber of Commerce Thailand, QUO, Creative Concept AV and Delivering Asia Communications.

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