Phuket is preparing for small luxury cruises

PHUKET: Admiral Chum Arwong, second vice chairman of the Senate Tourism Committee and chairman of the subcommittee on marine tourism, inspected the main ports and piers in Phuket yesterday (November 18) to assess their readiness to receive tourists on small luxury cruises.

Adm Chum has been briefed on the facilities and procedures for receiving tourists, including immigration, customs formalities, public health measures, baggage management and other services to be performed in the ports,

Transport links between the ports and the airport, hotels and tourist attractions were also examined.

“Port readiness is important in promoting tourism in Phuket, especially in terms of our readiness to accommodate small cruise lines of up to 700 passengers,” said Adm Chum

Adm Chum inspected the new building at Phuket Deep Sea Port, which was built as part of the port’s expansion plan announced years ago, but which finally got going just before the COVID pandemic broke out.

Other ports and piers that Adm Chum inspected were Phuket Namchai Pier (also called “Visit Panwa Pier”) and Phuket’s main passenger port, Rassada Pier.

Accompanied by Adm Chum on his inspection tour were executives from Phuket Port Management (Phuket Deep Sea Port Company), the superintendent of Phuket Immigration, Phuket customs officers, staff from the Phuket Province Public Health Department (PPHO) and the director of the Phuket Province Marine Office Department.

It was explained to Adm Chum that the Phuket Deep Sea Port was originally built only for the transport of goods, namely for the export of rubber wood. smoked gum and palm oil.

In the meantime, however, the facilities have been upgraded to accommodate tourist arrivals with a new 980 square meter terminal building.

Adm Chum noted that it would be good for Phuket to be able to open the Deep Sea Port as a fully functional international passenger port.

“There needs to be an immigration process, vehicles waiting to pick up tourists, expanded areas to accommodate tourist taxis, prayer rooms, hospital rooms, duty-free centers, coffee shop zones, and so on,” he said.

“If it can be opened as a home port for small luxury cruises, according to international tourism development guidelines, it will be in line with the national strategy of attracting high-profile tourism as cruise lines increase tourism revenue more,” he added.

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