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While the delegates haggled over the final drafts, UN COP26 Climate summits in Glasgow, America and China have issued a joint statement on cooperation to reduce emissions. The two countries said they were determined to reduce the rise in the Earth’s mean surface temperature to “well below” 2. to keepÖC compared to pre-industrial levels. China announced that it would submit a national plan to curb methane emissions. Time will tell if her testimony was diplomatic showboating or the start of something more substantial.

Belarus dropped migrants on the border with Poland and prevented them from withdrawing at gunpoint. It has lured them on flights from the Middle East with false promises of an easy transfer to the European Union. The migrants cannot enter Poland and could soon freeze with the coming winter. The despotic regime of Alexander Lukashenko apparently hopes another political crisis in the EU about refugees. Poland has sent 15,000 soldiers to the area.

the British The government announced that employees at the National Health Service in England must be vaccinated against Covid-19 by April 1. The latest government data shows that 10% of all NHS Employees are not completely stung. This week was the deadline for nurses to complete the request; about a quarter of these workers did not receive the full dose.

The White House urged big corporations to move ahead with their plans to ensure their employees are vaccinated by early January after a federal appeals court temporarily suspended Joe Biden’s vaccination Vaccination order. The court said it had “serious legal and constitutional” concerns about the order. The government asked them to reverse their decision.

Mr Biden saw a huge win when the House of Representatives finally passed its $ 1 trillion Infrastructure bill. The bill appeared to be in jeopardy when leftist Democrats insisted that a social law should be put to the vote at the same time.

It will still be there

NASA pushed its planned mission to land astronauts on the moon, the first since 1972, by at least a year to 2025. A lawsuit by Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin over SpaceX’s contract to build the lunar lander was one reason for the delay (a judge recently dismissed the lawsuit).

Daniel Ortega, the authoritarian president of Nicaragua, won a fourth consecutive term. Joe Biden described the election as “pantomime”. Over the past six months, Mr. Ortega has arrested some of his potential opponents and forced others to flee. Hundreds of ordinary people who have protested against his regime in the past remain behind bars.

Chile The House of Representatives approved impeachment proceedings against Sebastián Piñera after leaked documents raised further questions about a mining contract the president’s family signed during his first term in 2010 (he denies wrongdoing). However, the opposition will struggle to obtain the two-thirds majority required to formally indict Mr Piñera in the Senate.

The Chinese Communist Party’s Central Committee held an annual meeting at which delegates discussed a resolution on the party’s history, the first of its kind in 40 years. It seemed to be aimed at an extension of the Xi Jinpings Rule beyond a party congress in 2022.

America pushed China Zhang Zhan, a citizen journalist who was sentenced to four years in prison for reporting on the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic in Wuhan. The government continued to fight a new outbreak of the disease that began in mid-October and has caused hundreds of infections.

Thailand The Constitutional Court ruled that three activists who called for reforms to the country’s monarchy during protests last year were guilty of attempting to overthrow the king. The court focused on whether the speeches were constitutional, so no penalty was imposed, but the verdict will stifle debate over the role of the monarchy.

The Duterte Dynasty

Sara Duterte, the daughter of Rodrigo Duterte, President of Philippines, withdrew her candidacy for re-election as mayor of Davao City, sparking speculation that she will run for a national post in next year’s presidential election. Your father will have served the full presidential term.

Mustafa al-Kadhimi, Prime Minister of Iraq, was the target of an assassination attempt. Drones are said to have been involved in the attack, one of which reached Mr. Kadhimi’s house. He was uninjured, although six of his guards were wounded. Iran-backed militias have been suspected.

Iran Leading nuclear negotiator Ali Bagheri-Kani visited European capitals ahead of talks with America and European powers aimed at reviving the nuclear deal that Iran signed in 2015. and said they should focus on lifting sanctions instead. America, which stepped out of the deal in 2018, disagrees.

France officially returned to Benin 26 precious artifacts, including statues and a royal throne, that it occupied when the West African country was colonized in the late 19th century. Other former colonial powers are also under pressure to return stolen items. This includes Great Britain, which owns more than 900 “Benin bronzes” that come from Nigeria.

A South African court said that Manuel Chang, Mozambique former Treasury Secretary, could be extradited to America. There he is charged with bribes from loans that, among other things, financed a tuna fishing company.

FW de Klerk, the last white president of apartheid in South Africa, died at the age of 85. He once said that he should not be given the honor of ending apartheid, even though Mr. de Klerk was instrumental in laying the groundwork for Nelson Mandela’s release and subsequent transfer of power.

This article appeared in the section Die Welt this week of the print edition under the heading “Politics”.

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