Find all of the day’s major Covid-19 news in one place.

Starting with Luxembourg

  • Telework has become established in our everyday lives in 2020, but with deconfining and relaxation of the measures, telework is less common. As a result, traffic density will also normalize … or, in some cases, get worse than before.
  • The number of young people seeking psychiatric help increased in 2020, attributed to the use of teleconsultations during the lockdown.

And abroad

  • India opened free vaccinations for all adults on Monday to aid its vaccination campaign as Prime Minister Narendra Modi opened a subdued International Yoga Day that welcomed the practice’s “protective” properties against the virus.
  • Indonesia Two million coronavirus cases were exceeded on Monday as infection rates skyrocketed and hospitals flooded with new patients, leading to warnings that the Southeast Asian nation’s health crisis could spiral out of control.
  • French President Emmanuel Macron invited music fans to a socially distant techno party in the presidential palace on Monday, building on a tradition before Covid to celebrate the country’s annual street music festival.
  • Up to 10,000 fans are allowed Tokyo Olympic events, organizers said Monday, a warning competition could be held behind closed doors if infections increase.
  • Chile The football association admitted on Sunday that it broke Copa America health bubble rules by bringing a local hairdresser to his Brazilian hotel.
  • Multiple social media posts in Thailand shared claim that kratom, a tree leaf used to treat various diseases, prevents Covid-19. The posts are misleading.