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Photo: Provided by Adventure Crew

Great swim in the Ohio River

Hundreds of swimmers will head to the Ohio River this weekend during the open-water Bill Keating, Jr. Great Ohio River Swim.

Officially named after Keating — one of the first people to register for the inaugural event in 2007, who later lost a battle with brain cancer — the event is a fundraiser for the local nonprofit Adventure Crew, which “connects urban youth with the great outdoors.”

Swimmers will depart from the public landing downtown and make their way across the river, which will be closed to traffic, to Kentucky and back — about a half mile.

There will also be ten “Double Dippers” who will swim 2.5 miles downstream and then the traditional 800 meters to Kentucky. The Double Dip event will also raise money for Adventure Crew’s swim training program, which gives urban youth access to swimming lessons.

During the event, the river will be closed to motorized traffic and security jet skis, kayaks and boats will be in the water with the swimmers to provide assistance if needed. Local first responders will also be at the river for assistance.

On-site registration begins August 28th at 7am with mandatory safety briefings at 8am. Tickets are $40 for adults, $35 for college students, and $25 for youth.

The swim will be rescheduled for September 11 if river conditions are unfavorable.

The swim begins at the downtown public landing pad. Visit greatohioriverswim.com for more information.

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