TAT’s 2023 Marketing Plan to revitalize Thailand’s tourism towards high quality and sustainable growth

Also showcasing Thailand’s 5F, 4M soft power fundamentals for the international market and highlighting more responsible tourism routes for the domestic market.

Bangkok, Thailand – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has announced the 2023 marketing plan, which will continue this year’s goal of revitalizing and transforming Thailand’s tourism, while putting a greater focus on tourism sector recovery towards stronger and more sustainable, responsible, digital and inclusive tourism growth.

The annual TAT Action Plan Conference for 2023, held in a hybrid meeting format, was chaired by HE Mr. Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn, Thailand’s Minister of Tourism and Sports. Also present at the event were Dr. Thosaporn SirisumphandCEO of TAT, and officials and personalities from Thailand’s public and private tourism sectors and members of the media.

Mister. Yuthasak Supasorn, TAT Governor, said: “TAT sees 2023 as a year of new beginnings for Thai tourism. Therefore, we have outlined our marketing strategy for the next year, which adheres to the TAT Business Plan 2023-2027, which aims to strengthen TAT’s position as a strategic leader in advancing Thailand towards experiential and sustainable tourism.

“TAT is committed to revitalizing and transforming Thailand’s tourism around our three strategic goals, namely: to ‘drive’ the ‘demand’ for meaningful travel, to ‘drive’ the ‘supply’ through the development of a new tourism ecosystem. shaping’ and by making the TAT ‘thrive for excellence’ a data-driven organization. We believe this will increase our goal for Thailand to achieve quality and sustainable tourism growth.” Mr. Yuthasak added.

TAT will continue to use “Visit Thailand Year 2022-2023: Amazing New Chapters” as a communication strategy for the international market. Thailand will continue to be promoted as a world-class destination offering something for everyone under the concept “From AZ: Amazing Thailand Has It All”. This is presented alongside the Kingdom’s 5F, 4M soft power foundations; namely Food, Film, Fashion, Festival, Fight, Music, Museum, Master and Meta.

Especially for the long-haul international market, TAT recognizes 2023 as the “time is the new currency” era. Therefore, emphasis will be placed on promoting Thailand as a year-round travel destination for health and wellness lovers, families with children, active seniors and remote workers/teleworkers
Co-promotions with leading brands. Through partnerships with the airlines, strategic marketing activities are launched in new source markets, including Saudi Arabia and the major US secondary cities.

For the international short-haul market, TAT has outlined “The Great Resumption” as part of the “2Qs, 5News” strategy. The “2Qs” are “Quick Win” to push back tourist demand and “Quality” to achieve higher number of return visits and higher travel spend. The “5News” include “New segments” with growth potential, “New areas” for tourism source markets, “New partners” in existing markets, “New infrastructure” in relation to travel and tourism and “New ways” for travel experiences with a future focus on responsible Tourism. TAT will also boost all points of entry into Thailand via land, sea and air, aiming to restore more than 80% of the region’s air capacity in 2019.

In addition, more cooperative partnerships will be formed between TAT and the airlines to boost international tourism business by increasing the seating capacity to Thailand. Initially, this will focus on key source markets without travel restrictions to address travel demand from high-income groups (Millennials, Gen-X and Silver Age individuals), hyper-personalization groups (health and wellness, sports tourism, and responsible tourism) and new segments (digital nomads and teleworkers/teleworkers).

For the domestic market, TAT will focus on increasing domestic tourist travel by promoting Thailand as a year-round destination under the “REAL” strategy: Responsible Tourism, Exceptional Experience, Avant-Garde Marketing and Less for More Economy. Highlights of each of Thailand’s five regions will be promoted, including nostalgic experiences in the north for multi-gen families, innovative “Trend C2” itineraries in the central region for Gen-Y and Gen-Z, culinary and luxury tourism offerings The Each for high-income Gen- Y and Millennial Families, Dharma – Nature – Cultural Routes in the Northeast for Gen-Y and professionals, and Inclusive Responsible Tourism in the South. In addition, TAT will promote secondary cities across Thailand.

TAT has formulated the Marketing Plan for 2023 according to the Thai Government’s Bio-Circular Green or BCG economic model, which aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The BCG model is used to revitalize the tourism industry with the goal of safe, inclusive and sustainable travel.

In addition, TAT will leverage Thailand Tourism Virtual Mart (TTVM) via https://virtualmart.tourismthailand.org as the online B2B hub for Thai and international tourism business to “thrive through excellence” by making TAT a data-driven one Organization is made tourist operators.

“For 2023, TAT expects Thailand to generate total tourism revenue of 1.73 trillion baht with 970 billion baht from the international market and 760 billion baht from the domestic market (for the baseline scenario) and 2.38 trillion baht with 1.50 trillion baht from the international Market generates market and 880 billion baht from domestic market (for best scenario). This represents about 80% of Thailand’s tourism output in 2019.” Mr. Yuthasak closed.

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