Thai Itaewon annihilates victim’s family to get compensation

Ms. Na Makaew holds a picture of her daughter Natthicha, who died in the Itaewon swarm, at her home in Lom Sak district, Phetchabun. (Photo: Sunthorn Kongvarakhom)

PHETCHABUN: The family of the Thai woman who died at Itaewon Squad in Seoul on Saturday night are entitled to compensation under the Social Security Law, a labor official said Tuesday.

Provincial Labor Bureau chief Sukanya Ongwisetpaiboon said the dead woman was Natthicha Makaew from House No. 40 in Moo 9 Village, Nong Khwai Township, Lom Sak District, Phetchabun.

Ms Sukanya led labor officials to visit Natthicha’s father Sakhon and mother Na Makaew at their home on Tuesday.

She told them they were entitled to the payment because Natthicha had worked in Bangkok and was insured under Section 33 of the Social Security Act before she resigned to go to South Korea.

Ms Sukanya said Natthicha completed a six-month Korean language course in Seoul to get a certificate so she could teach the language in Thailand.

As the insurance coverage remained in effect for six months after she was terminated, Natthicha was still entitled to compensation – 50,000 baht for her funeral and 15,500 baht from her retirement pension plus interest.

Ms Sukanya said once her office received documents from Korea confirming Natthicha’s death, the papers would be processed and the compensation money would be transferred to the beneficiary’s account within three days.

Natthicha’s parents were also reportedly informed by the South Korean embassy Tuesday morning that Seoul would cover the cost of repatriating her body to Thailand by air.

This was a great relief to the family, who had prepared to borrow 400,000 baht to help cover costs. They were to travel to Bangkok to collect their daughter’s body from the airport and take her back to her home in Phetchabun for religious rites.

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