Thailand closes “digital nomads”

December 1, 2021

While massive teleworking enables many self-employed and “digital nomads” to pursue their professional activities, some countries such as Thailand are choosing to close themselves off the most exotic beaches to these “cheap” foreign workers. While the country wants to remain attractive to “luxurious” expatriates, modest digital workers or language teachers are no longer welcome.

The country hopes to welcome elite teleworkers

According to information in the Pattaya Mail, which was discovered by International Post, the health crisis has led the country to prioritize the admission of certain professionals. While the country was reopened to foreigners from 63 countries on November 1st and benefited from special visas and immigration facilities, some teleworkers are still in a “still unclear and illegal” situation. Official recommendations today target only a specific elite, “multimillionaires traveling by private jet,” and exclude online English teachers, dropshippers, cryptocurrency traders, marketers, bloggers, writers, Amazon sellers and freelance web developers. “In any case, we have to hope so,” jokes the Pattaya Mail.

Illegal digital nomads want to stay

According to the local media, the “digital nomads” need not worry as long as the local authorities are convinced that they are not taking any jobs away from the Thais. This may encourage some not to question their teleworking organization from this country so popular with tourists and “digital nomads”. However, they also negatively impact local infrastructure congestion and the destruction of protected areas, subject to the overcrowding of these self-employed digital work professionals.

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