The department relaxes the seat belt rule for trucks

BANGKOK: Severe penalties, including a 2,000-baht fine, for passengers not wearing seatbelts in the cabin or in the back of a truck will no longer apply when a new law comes into effect on September 5, the Ministry of Land Transport said (DLT). yesterday (08/21).

Photo: Bangkok Post.

The DLT was responding to concerns about the perceived impracticability of the recently passed Land Transport Act 2022, as the rear row seats of older trucks and truck beds are not typically fitted with seat belts, the reports Bangkok Post.

DLT director-general Jirut Wisanjit said people shouldn’t worry about not being able to ride on pickup truck beds anymore. He said the Royal Thai Police will issue an announcement to exempt them from punishment.

However, the new law only allows a maximum of three passengers in the rear rows of seats in a truck cab and six people in a truck bed, he said. “In practice, if we want to make seatbelts mandatory for passengers, we’re going to start with automakers having to install extra seatbelts,” he said.

However, a pickup truck carrying passengers in its bed must reduce its cruising speed, said Pol Gen Damrongsak Kittiprapas, deputy national police chief.

The state police are working together with the DLT on the new law.

The announcement will provide details on how the law will be enforced by police, including who and what will be exempt from the mandate, he said.

A law requiring cars to have suitable child seats will not come into force on September 5 as more needs to be done to ensure consumers are not unduly burdened, he said.

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