DENISON, Texas (KTEN) – The realities of the COVID-19 pandemic have fueled the “work from home” trend.

A year later, some companies started using the virtual office.

Dialog Direct’s call center has been operating in a Denison office building for a little over a decade. But next month they’ll turn off the lights and go home.

“They were able to find out where their production was fine, so they decided not to renew their lease here and let their employees work from home,” said Denison Development Alliance president Tony Kaai said.

Real estate agent Eric Rhoades sees a similar trend. There is so much demand for offices, industrial parks and land that Rhoades can no longer offer its customers space.

This is good news for Kaai.

“We’re in a great location in North Texas and Denison,” said Kaai. “We have a lot to sell and while there are locations across the country I don’t think there are any as good as ours.”

At the very least, they’re good enough to start over and restart with hybrid offices like the one Rhoades is looking for clients. Rooms that are more engaging or designed for Zoom calling.

When it comes to working from home, Kaai sees this as just a trend.

“The company might say that’s not the best way to go,” Kaai said. “People need to be together, exchange ideas and share their passion for what they do. In these call centers, they start families.”