Unruly passenger unloaded, passengers celebrate with cheers, clapping: report

The woman was escorted out as the plane from Phuket to Sydney was about to take off.

Passengers on a Jetstar flight from Phuket to Sydney celebrated after a recalcitrant passenger – a woman – was offloaded from the plane on charges of misconduct, according to Australia 9News. The incident happened Sunday on flight JQ28 when the woman lost her temper while sitting near the aisle because she wanted a window seat, the outlet said. She insulted staff and fellow passengers, and video of the act was posted to social media, with a number of people criticizing her behavior.

“A reluctant passenger was escorted off our flight prior to takeoff from Phuket after becoming disruptive and using abusive and inappropriate language towards other customers and our team members,” a Jetstar spokesman was quoted as saying 9News.

“Phuket airport security was called and the passenger was escorted off the flight,” the spokesman added.

In one of the clips, the woman, who was understood to be Australian, was heard saying loudly, “What’s up Habibi”. news.com.au. Another video showed her shouting “I’m out, I’m out” while getting her luggage from the overhead locker. “Thank you damn much!” she said, according to the outlet.

As the passengers clapped, the woman turned and punched her. But another woman rose from her seat and loudly told them to leave news.com.au.

It’s not the first time a recalcitrant passenger has wreaked havoc on a flight. In July, one such passenger forced the pilot of a Virgin Atlantic flight from London to Los Angeles to deviate from the scheduled flight route.

In a statement, a Virgin Atlantic spokesman said the plane was diverted to Salt Lake City, where the offending passenger was taken into custody.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States has adopted a “zero tolerance” stance towards unruly passengers following an increase in violent or disruptive behavior on flights in 2021.

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