Violent and unfiltered: Toronto-based Tamil artist Shan Vincent de Paul’s releases new single “Savage – The New Indian Express”


A gateway to open up a darker side without having to maintain the facade of a shiny and perfect world that you often see on social media, “says Toronto-based Tamil artist Shan Vincent de Paul, describing his recently released single” Savage ” . Known for his razor-sharp songwriting, skilled rapping, and strong visual aesthetic, this is the first of 12 singles from his upcoming album Made in Jaffna. SVDP is leading the global renaissance of South Asian art in Canada and its works are wild and unfiltered. ‘Savage’ is a case in point.

An intense experience, both sonically and visually, the song was written to relieve fear in a dark time, says the artist. “I wanted to write something just for myself. I think sometimes these are the moments that people connect with the most, ”he explains. The song’s title is an ironic reference to the term colonizers used to describe Indians who eat with their hands. In fact, SVDP had played it on their India tour last year and was amazed at how much the audience felt about it.

Made in Jaffna, says SVDP, has been “his most personal album to date” for four years. At the same time, he believes that everyone can identify with their universal thread of salvation and resilience. The album will be released on the artist-centric platform and label maajja run by AR Rahman. When asked about the most memorable moments of its creation, he says it was his return to Jaffna in 2018 and reconnecting with his origins. His previously released singles, the powerful ‘One Hundred Thousand Flowers’ and ‘Heaven’ starring Canadian Tamil artist Navz-47, were also included in the album.

In keeping with its vocal wildness, the ‘Savage’ video uses the choreography of Paris-based hip-hop dancer and Bharatanatyam enthusiast Usha Jey. The video shot in Berlin with the hybrid mix of the two dance styles gives the song its very own touch. SVDP remembers seeing Jey dance Bop for the first time on Da Babys. “I was overwhelmed by its sheer innovation. Besides, her east-west hybrid avatar also has something to do with my work, ”he says. In his opinion, Jersey’s style was the perfect way to respond to the derogatory title “savage” often used against the actual citizens of the country. Although the pandemic prevented SVDP from being on set to shoot the video, Berlin-based cameraman Arsenij Gusev directed and brought the concept to life.

Always looking for newer ways to connect with their audience and work on their creativity, SVDP recently entered the world of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFT) with a work of art based on its single ” Amnesia “refers to the forgetfulness centered around poisons in relationships. He worked on it with the Canadian colleague of Tamil origins Ami alias Amirthregan Wijayanathan. He’s happy with the NFT platform and believes it’s a whole different way to experience art and the art market. “Visual arts and directing are what I’m really focused on these days,” he says. And the more creative and innovative it is, the better.

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