Why you should learn Thai to explore Thailand


Thailand has always been known as the most popular travel destination in the world. Why? The Land of Smiles has so much to offer: serene beaches, endless culinary possibilities, majestic temples and landscapes, rich history, and cultural and archaeological sites. There is never enough time to fully know and explore Thailand. But how do you make the most of your time in this beautiful country? Why not learn the language yourself? Here are reasons why you should learn Thai to get to know Thailand.

1. Get to know Thai culture better.

Culture and language are closely linked. Learning Thai immediately leads to a better understanding of Thai people and the essential parts of their culture, customs and traditions. By learning different expressions, vocabulary and slang, you will be able to understand the culture associated with it. You might even win some vocabulary with meanings unique to Thailand!

In addition, you open the door to make friends with more than 60 million people. This gives you the opportunity to get to know the culture better while also becoming familiar with the slang expressions.

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2. Obtain an Education Visa (Nonimmigrant ED Visa)

If you really want to explore Thailand, a 2 months The tourist visa may not be sufficient. If you enroll in a reputable Thai language school, you can get a nonimmigrant ED visa for the duration of your studies of at least 8 months. In addition, some of the courses have a flexible schedule. This gives you plenty of time to tick the items on your bucket list of things to do in Thailand.

But where can you find a good and trustworthy Thai language school? Cash ALA language schoolone of the best Thai language schools in Thailand in downtown Bangkok.

Why you should learn Thai to explore Thailand |  News from Thaiger

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3. Make Thai friends.

One of the best parts of traveling is making friends from different cultures and backgrounds. While you can get around Thailand without speaking the language, making friends can be difficult as English is not widely spoken in the country. But of course, it’s no surprise that the Land of Smiles is home to kind and generous people. Speaking Thai breaks down the boundaries and is an excellent icebreaker for getting to know these amazing people!

It’s also an excellent conversation starter when you want to make friends but don’t know how. While it can be nerve-wracking talking to the locals, know that you make a good first impression as Thais greatly appreciate your efforts in learning their language.

Why you should learn Thai to explore Thailand |  News from Thaiger

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4. Explore less touristy areas

Thailand is the center for tourists; Therefore, there are endless activities for you! But the country never runs out of surprises; There are still many hidden gems yet to be discovered by many. Have you been to a local carnival? There you can get rides, feed adorable piglets, play bingo, play carnival games and choose from a range of street food at very reasonable prices.

But where do you find these events? Well it’s a fact that the locals know best! So, go ahead and ask your Thai friends or a local for suggestions. You will find the country’s most hidden treasures!

Why you should learn Thai to explore Thailand |  News from Thaiger

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5. Improve your career opportunities.

Don’t limit yourself during your time in Thailand but Discover the career opportunities here. Contrary to popular belief, there are many career options for a foreigner in Thailand besides teaching. Multinational companies have great opportunities for foreigners, especially in industries like technology, digital marketing, and real estate.

If you can master the Thai language in addition to your mother tongue, you will certainly have an advantage over other candidates. In addition, speaking Thai will also benefit the social aspect of your work life, especially if you work with many Thai employees.

Why you should learn Thai to explore Thailand |  News from Thaiger

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By learning the Thai language, you open the door to meeting amazing people, visiting beautiful but hidden places, expanding your career opportunities and last but not least, exploring the beautiful country for longer. So don’t hesitate your urge to explore Thailand and sign up for a Thai language course!

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