WPP launches The Metaverse Foundry

Hogarth, WPP’s dedicated global creative content production company, today launched The Metaverse Foundry to deliver branded experiences in the virtual world.

The Metaverse Foundry is a global team of more than 700 creatives, producers, visual artists, developers and technologists.

WPP says The Metaverse Foundry will become the clear industry leader due to the breadth and depth of expertise and all aspects of experience design and production, virtual art, virtual stages, VR/AR application development, technology and research and offers development.

WPP agencies are already delivering several Metaverse projects for clients such as Wendy’s, Under Armour, Duracell, Pfizer, Pizza Hut and Bombay Sapphire.

The foundry will also cooperate with specialist WPP agencies such as Subvrsive (virtual events and immersive experiences) and Ars Thanea (design/animation and live action/visual effects studio) to complement with specific additional capabilities.

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of innovative technologies as people have learned to connect in new ways.

The Metaverse with connected virtual worlds, augmented reality, NFTs and the blockchain. offers brands unlimited opportunities to create creative experiences and connect with a diverse, highly loyal audience.

Its market size in 2021 was estimated at more than $1 trillion and growing in the mid double digits.

Richard Glasson, Global CEO of Hogarth: “This is a very exciting time for the production and content creation business.

“We are experiencing an extraordinary transformation and our customers need to move into completely new worlds and find radical new ways to connect with their customers.”

Mehta Mehta, Hogarth Global Executive Creative Director: “The Metaverse Foundry is a borderless place where creativity, production and innovation come together to bring your biggest ideas to life.

“A place for forward-thinking brands that want to build communities and technologies designed to improve e-commerce and customer experiences. In a nutshell,

“The Metaverse Foundry was designed to take ideas to the next level at scale. The only limitation will be your imagination. You think it, we make it happen.”

Mark Read, CEO of WPP: “Our customers are already seizing the opportunities to connect with their customers that the Metaverse offers them and are looking for partners who can bring experiences to life in the most creative and compelling ways.

“Metaverse Foundry has unrivaled scale and expertise in building this experience, clearly differentiating Hogarth and WPP from our competitors in this growth area critical to our industry.”

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