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Ensuring consumer rights yoboo is always on the way

Manila, Philippines, March 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — March, 15, 2022 marked the 40th International Consumer Day and the 13th year of yoboo’s annual Consumer Day campaign. As a company that has always focused on the mother and baby industry, yoboo has always attached great importance to protecting consumer rights and fully respecting the right to information and supervision. Recently, yoboo has hired a senior trainer to conduct consumer service training for over 220 employees in Southeast Asia branches (subsidiaries), with the aim of making employees more proficient in the methods and skills of daily service communication, better solving the difficulties encountered at work and improve service quality. The training will allow consumers to enjoy a warm service. yoboo insists on giving mothers and families a sense of confidence and security with its reassuring and authoritative medical education philosophy and knowledge, protecting babies’ growth with Japanese craftsmanship, creating an intimate and loving feeding environment that allows babies to grow in a balance of freedom to grow and limitation.

yoboo is very insisting on providing its service consumer At home

Since its inception, yoboo has followed the mission of its founder, Dr. Chinen Rina, prescribed: “Starting with cherishing every drop of breast milk; to use advanced medical education concepts to solve more problems in baby nutrition and development.” To better meet mothers’ needs for quality breastfeeding, yoboo has always put product quality and heartwarming service at the forefront. yoboo offers value-added services including 7-day returns, 100% authentic, free shipping and cash on delivery, 24-hour customer service and more. yoboo has been giving nutritional tips to mothers for a number of years. yoboo not only supplies quality products to consumers, but also spreads knowledge about breastfeeding to the public.

World Consumer Rights Day: Yoboo empowers consumers to consume responsibly (PRNewsfoto/yoboo)

Increasing the quality of service and conveying entrepreneurial craftsmanship through varied activities

With bases in it Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and the philippines, Yoboo aims to become “the most trustworthy and warmest Japanese brand for mothers and children for babies and families in the world”. Through internal training, brand demonstrations and health courses, yoboo has been able to comprehensively improve and strengthen employees’ awareness of quality services, as well as provide the public with knowledge on how to protect consumers’ legitimate rights and select quality maternal and baby products.

Since it was founded in 2009, yoboo has constantly updated and optimized its products in a user-oriented manner. yoboo offers strong support and protection for working mothers in South East Asia with its full investment in the Southeast Asian market in 2021. On the occasion of 3.15. On International Consumer Rights Day, yoboo is offering up to 77% off two major e-commerce platforms, shopee and lazada. We are committed to helping mothers take care of every detail of their babies’ physical and psychological development with higher quality products and better service, actively building mothers’ confidence in nutrition, and actively striving to improve their own quality of life to improve as parents.

yoboo appreciates every drop of breast milk.
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